Avoiding Issues with Your Commercial Dock Doors this Winter

Going to work and getting the job done gets harder for everyone during the winter months—especially those people who are always in constant contact with the blustering winds, frigid temps and hazards that ice and snow can bring with them. Dock workers especially have to face these harsh conditions day in and day out, and can see even more winter complications arise when dock doors and their peripheral mechanisms stop working properly because of the cold.

From door locks and latches that won’t budge because they’re frozen in place, to doors that slide off the tracks or only raise and lower to certain points, winter brings about a myriad of headaches when it comes to overhead dock doors. Take a look at some of the ways you can prevent these issues from springing up and save yourself a call for commercial garage door service in McDonough, GA:

  • Be sure to keep your dock stations properly heated throughout the winter. Many business owners and supervisors turn down the heat because doors are constantly being opened a closed, but doing this only invites the cold temperatures to stick around between uses. Just like the employees who staff the dock, your doors are going to need a reprieve from the winter temperatures, which means keeping that heat pumping in regular intervals. This will prevent doors from accumulating frost or freezing shut.
  • Make sure the tracks and mechanisms for your dock doors are lubricated prior to the winter months setting in. Proper lubrication will keep the door on its tracks and facilitate easier movement up and down, which will lower the chances of your employees jerking the door up and down, which could send it off the tracks.
  • If at all possible, use locking mechanisms that are sturdy and new. Old locks can cave under the pressure of being handled in cold weather, which means a lock that simply won’t come unlocked when you need it to! If possible, keep a small portable heater on hand for emergencies, where the steel of the lock is just too cold to budge.
  • Clear snow around the outside of your door when it begins to accumulate, to prevent all sorts of troubles that can arise. Plows carelessly pushing snow around can accidently put pressure on your door by pushing snow up against it, which can lead to warping. Or, snow that has accumulated in front of your door can freeze and expand, causing misalignment as the door battles icy buildups.

Keeping the above tips in mind before and during the inclement weather conditions of winter will better allow you to avoid problems and the need for commercial garage door service in McDonough, GA. Be sure to pay special attention to your doors in all regards before seasons change!

If you do encounter issues with your dock doors during the middle of winter or you want a proactive inspection done to make sure there’s nothing lurking out of sight that might cause you trouble later in the year, contact the professionals at Affordable Dock & Door today—we’re thoroughly experienced in working with commercial dock doors and will gladly put yours to the test.

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