How Do You Maintain Your Garage Door Springs?

Garage doors are essential for many homeowners. Our garages protect not only our cars but also our power tools, hobby items and other valued possessions. But nothing is more frustrating than a garage door that malfunctions. You may end up having to leave your car out in the elements, and it may be difficult to open the garage door at all.

That’s why it’s important to invest in garage door spring maintenance in McDonough, GA. This helps ensure that you’re able to open and close the garage door safely. It will also help with smooth operation of the garage door for years into the future.

Getting started

You can do some of the maintenance yourself, if you choose to do so. The items you’ll need to complete this include a ladder, a file and a can of 3-in-1 oil.

Before you do any work on the garage door, you’ll want to disconnect the power to the garage door opener and detach it from the opening mechanism.

Next steps

Then you’ll need to get your ladder to take a better look at the garage door opener’s torsion shaft, which is the long bar located at the top of the garage door. The torsion shaft has the torsion springs wrapped around it, and at both ends of the shaft you should see end brackets.

The torsion shaft is connected to a bar in the end brackets. Check out this bar while opening the garage door a few inches to make sure the torsion shaft is operating properly. If it’s not, unfortunately you’ll need to remove the torsion springs, and this is absolutely a task best left to the professionals.

Next, look at the center mounting bracket and ensure the springs remain stationary in the center mounting bracket as the door opens. If they don’t, you’ll need to tighten the bolts that secure the springs together.

Lubricate garage door components

Assuming everything is operating as it should be, now it’s time to apply a small amount of lubricant to all the moving parts, including the bearings, the tracks the door moves on and all wheel and shaft rollers. Note that lubricating the torsion springs requires a bit of special attention.

Lubricate the entire torsion spring except for the area right before the winding bracket. The reason for this is that accidentally lubricating the winding bracket can cause the spring to unravel. Open and close the garage door several times to make sure everything is operational. Then you can restore power to the garage door opener.

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