How to Reinforce Garage Doors and Protect Against Break-Ins

Being a homeowner comes with a host of responsibilities, including protecting your family and belongings from criminals. This means locking up the house at night and when you are not home, investing in a security system and not sharing your vacation plans all over social media for everyone to see. And, if you have an attached garage with a door that leads from the garage to the inside of your main house, you’ll need to look into securing that area too—not forgetting windows and other points of entry into your garage.

Below, a seasoned residential garage door service in McDonough, GA will share some tips for reinforcing garage doors and garage spaces against break-ins:

  • Disable the door: Thieves cannot get into your garage if they can’t open the garage door, garage windows or other garage entry points. Whether you’re planning to be away on a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, you should unplug the garage door opener. For manual garage doors, put a padlock on the latch or disable the entire door by inserting a bolt through a hole in the door track. This proactive step prevents unauthorized entry through the overhead garage door while you’re gone.
  • Block out garage door windows: Some garage doors are fitted with decorative or functional windows on their fronts. Although these windows offer an aesthetically pleasing look to your property, the downside is that people can see into your garage. They might see something they want to steal and attempt to break in. To increase privacy, use a frosted spray paint or install shades.
  • Secure other garage windows: If thieves cannot get in through your garage door, they may try entering through a window on the side of the garage. For this reason, always check that your windows are locked, or screw them shut if they don’t open. You might also want to consider installing window bars on the windows that are not on your garage door to prevent break-ins. Having strong bars across your windows keeps criminals out even if they manage to break the glass or pry open the window.
  • Choose the right material: There’s no single type of material used to manufacture residential garage doors. Since this is the case, be sure to weigh your options when picking out a new garage door, although your budget and the climate in which you live may be factors in your final decision. The fact is, a garage door that looks awful and is falling apart is going to be a bigger target for criminals, not to mention that a weaker door will be easier to break through. The best options are metal doors and solid wood doors. Both materials are extremely strong.

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