The Most Common Problems with Commercial Garage Doors

Similar to the garage door on your home, your commercial garage door is essential for the security of the facility and safety of your employees. It’s for these reasons and others that you should hire a professional to take care of any issues with your door right away. Here are six common problems with commercial garage doors in McDonough, GA:

  • Issues with the power: Commercial garage doors are much heavier than the average residential garage door, which means manual operation is less than ideal. It’s safe to say that most all commercial garage doors require a power supply to work. It’s not unusual for garage door repair shops to get calls about doors that are not raising or lowering—a sign there’s possibly an issue with the power supply. A professional will come inspect and test your door for you.
  • Damaged tracks: Businesses use overhead garage doors for a variety of reasons. When the door is used regularly, it’s not unusual for accidents to happen that cause damage to the metal tracks. Another issue with overhead door tracks is that they can fall out of alignment when opening or closing. Watch out for gaps between the rails and rollers and curved or bent metal in the alignment of the tracks.
  • Worn rollers: Over time, commercial garage door rollers will wear down. The doors most susceptible to roller damage are the ones used multiple times every day, but dirt and debris getting into the tracks exacerbates the process. It’s time to replace the rollers when they start showing signs of wear and tear and improper operation.
  • Damaged cables: The kind of damage to cables will be different depending on the type of commercial garage door you have. An extension spring garage system uses safety cables to keep broken springs from flying off and causing damage to people and property. The torsion spring cables work hard to keep the overhead door on track, as well as provide an extra layer of protection should the door come crashing down. Keep an eye out for frayed, floppy or cracked cables and replace them to avoid problems.
  • Misaligned sensors: Today’s commercial garage doors are equipped with sensors (also called photo eyes) on either side that stop the door from closing if they cannot “see” each other. This safety feature is in place to prevent the door from shutting on people or objects in its path, but it also means the door won’t close if one of the photo eyes is bumped or damaged.
  • Door won’t open: Commercial doors are heavy. As such, they might not go up at all when the springs are damaged. The torsion springs on the side of the garage door are tasked with all the heavy lifting involved in getting the door open. Call an expert to assess the situation and make any needed repairs.

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