Types of Dock Levelers: Is There One That’s Best?

If you’re a business owner operating under the impression that all loading dock levelers are created the same, you’d be wrong. Most manufacturers don’t give a whole lot of thought to dock leveler types in McDonough, GA until something goes wrong. Still, these essential loading dock components come in as many varieties as there are colors in the spectrum. The one you choose depends on your business’ loading and unloading needs.

Mechanical dock levelers

Are you hoping to install a dock leveler on a fixed or limited income? Your best bet is to purchase a mechanical dock leveler. These labor-intensive dock levelers use springs to lift the bridging platform into place. If you’re not planning on doing consistent loading, and you can be reasonably assured that the trailers backing into your loading dock will be of the same height each and every time, a mechanical dock leveler may suit your needs.

Mechanical dock levelers also have the benefit of working without the help of a power source, which means they’re ready to work in all weather conditions.

Hydraulic dock levelers

If your business seems continuously engaged in the process of loading and unloading goods, then you will most likely be best served by installing a hydraulic dock leveler. Hydraulic dock leveler types in McDonough, GA are designed to be used over and over again several times throughout the day. As such, the materials with which they are built tend to be more durable.

Hydraulic dock levelers also come with fully automatic functioning (i.e., one button press is all it takes to go from retracted to ready for business).

Air-powered dock levelers

Unlike a hydraulic lift, which uses pistons to raise and lower its platform, an air-powered dock leveler raises and lowers its platform by inflating and deflating an industrial-strength bag (like an airbag in a car). Air-powered dock levelers can be efficient if properly maintained (the bag itself requires regular cleaning, for example).

That said, they do have more moving parts than a typical hydraulic dock leveler and do tend to require more maintenance in the long run.

Vertical dock levelers

It’s possible to confuse a vertical dock leveler with a hydraulic dock leveler, since both use hydraulics to raise and lower their bridging platform. However, there is one important distinction between the two.

Think about a vertical dock leveler as the airlock on a space ship—that is, when it’s down, it’s a pathway between your factory and the outside world. When it’s up, a vertical dock leveler provides a seal against outside weather.

The right leveler for you

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