Upgrades and Tips That Make Garage Doors Quieter

Garage doors can get louder over time, which gets increasingly annoying (or embarrassing) the more you open and shut them. Not only is it frustrating, but a loud garage door announces that someone is coming or going from your home, making you a prime target for crimes of opportunity.

Luckily, you don’t have to replace your entire garage door for a quieter experience. Here are some garage door upgrades that will get rid of the noise in McDonough, GA:

  • Perform regular maintenance: As with any piece of machinery, garage doors and garage door openers require regular maintenance. If your door goes beyond just being squeaky or loud and starts to make odd rattling or thumping noises, you should call a garage door contractor right away. There could be more serious issues afoot than simply extra noise. Otherwise, lubricate the moving parts regularly and check for wear and tear that could be causing problems.
  • Check your hardware: Your garage door’s hardware needs to be maintained, too. As your garage door opens and closes, it sends vibrations throughout the door, the machinery and all the hardware that keeps them in place. Over time, nuts and bolts can loosen from the vibrations. Make sure to tighten every nut so the brackets and other hardware fit snugly against the surface—but don’t overtighten, as that can cause other issues.
  • Switch out your rollers for nylon rollers: If you have an older door, it might be using metal rollers to keep things moving. These are effective, but nylon rollers are a whole lot quieter. Switching out your metal rollers for nylon options can make a big difference in the noise level.
  • Add insulation: Sometimes the best way to quiet noisy vibrations is to add insulation to your hardware. Rubber pads and washers are available, which help cut down on the metal-on-metal clanking that you hear. Ask your garage door maintenance and repair contractor for help identifying which insulation solutions might be right for your particular setup.
  • Get a quieter belt drive opener: Finally, you can always get a quieter belt drive opener, if none of these other methods work. Chain-driven openers are effective and durable, but they make much more noise than belt-driven versions. If you’re not regularly maintaining your chain-driven opener, the noise gets worse—there’s a lot of unlubricated metal-on-metal friction that will create harsh noises. For best results, try to pick a professional-grade belt-drive opener. The readily-available commercial kinds that are available in big box stores often split up the railing into sections, which means more metal pieces to flex, bend and move against each other.

Remember, some garage door maintenance is dangerous, especially when it comes to the springs. Always work with a reputable garage door contractor to ensure your safety and the best results possible. If you’re looking to upgrade your noisy garage door or opener in McDonough, GA, the team at Affordable Dock & Door can help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or arrange a consultation.

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