What’s Involved in Maintaining a Dock Leveler in McDonough, GA?

As with any other piece of large machinery, it’s important to prioritize regular maintenance with your dock leveler. After all, you likely use it multiple times a day, so there is going to be some general wear and tear that occurs even if you are responsible with how you use it.

Our team is pleased to provide maintenance for your dock levelers in McDonough, GA. But what exactly is involved in evaluating and maintaining a dock leveler? Here’s a quick overview.

  • Cleaning: The first step of any dock leveler maintenance job is to perform a quick visual inspection of the entire system for signs of dirt or general wear and tear. At this point, the technician performing the job will thoroughly clean all pieces of equipment and other components that need to be cleaned, ensuring a longer lifespan for those pieces and more efficient functioning of the machinery. Cleaning out this dirt and debris prevents it from building up to the point where it will clog up working parts and cause unnecessary damage and premature wear and tear.
  • Lubrication: Once the system has been sufficiently cleaned, the technician will apply lubricants in all necessary places to ensure the equipment will operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This process allows for reduced downtime in the long run, because the components inside the system will be better protected from the effects of moisture and corrosion, which can cause catastrophic system breakdowns if left unchecked. A well-lubricated machine will not have these issues to nearly the same extent.
  • Adjustments: Equipment that has not been properly adjusted will be potentially hazardous, or at the very least waste precious time at your facility. It is important to ensure all of the components of the dock leveler system have been set to the appropriate levels so it operates as needed. This will ensure smoother, more consistent operation.
  • Inspection: Throughout the entire process of performing preventative maintenance, your technician will be thoroughly inspecting all of the dock leveler and loading dock equipment. This is important because it allows you to catch any small problems before they become severe. The cost of resolving these issues in their early phases is significantly less than what you would have to pay if the issue worsens and ultimately necessitates a major repair. In addition, based on what the technician discovers in your system, it may be possible to predict future maintenance and repair needs even if there are no such needs at the time of the inspection.
  • Documentation: Your technician will provide you with some thorough documentation at the end of the appointment to demonstrate that the work on the system has been completed and to indicate potential problem areas. This information is good to keep for your records, especially if you have to call for additional service down the road for any problems that arise.

For more information about how you can properly maintain your deck leveler in McDonough, GA, contact Affordable Dock & Door today.

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