Call Garage Door Services in McDonough, GA When Your Garage Door Sags

If your garage door bows in the center, you are facing a serious problem. Not only will your door fail to open and close correctly, but there is a good chance your rails can fail and risk injury or property damage. When you notice this problem at your home, call garage door services in McDonough, GA immediately to arrange for repairs. This is not something you can handle on your own, and if you make the attempt, it could place you in further danger. Here are four reasons why this happens so you can recognize the problem as early as possible:

  • The elements: The first cause of a sagging garage door is likely beyond your control. An unseasonably hot, cold or wet period can deteriorate your garage door. Since most of the weight is on the edges where the door sets on the rails, the center is most likely to sag and show the effects of the elements. If there are temperature or weather fluctuations, this can also lead a garage door to bow, since they maintain condition better when there are fewer extremes. Anytime a season concludes with unusual conditions, inspect your garage door to see how it handled the weather, and call us if you find damage.
  • Material: You are less likely to find bowing with an aluminum door, since they are less vulnerable to weather conditions. Most garage doors that bow are made of wood, since natural material is more likely to respond to cold, heat and moisture. If you did not properly treat your wood door at the time of installation, it is more likely to show its vulnerability to the elements and look unsightly within time. You can avoid this with proper weatherization. Even if your door is already installed, treating it before it shows damage will help you.
  • Garage door openers: The sagging is also the result of centrally located garage door openers. With the action constantly pulling at the middle of the garage door, the material starts to give way and cause the sagging effect. This is often prevented with good installation at the beginning, but eventually you will see the effects, since this is simply physics. All garage doors can be affected by the opener, even vinyl or aluminum, so as the years go by, watch for condition changes.
  • Bad rail match: If the rails are not designed to hold the style or weight of the door, they offer less support. You will notice that it is difficult to open or close your door. Your garage door opener may operate slower and break down more often. This is where the situation becomes the most dangerous, because it is likely that the rails will drop your door, and you never know what or who will be under it when that occurs. So, when you install a new door, never cut corners to save money. Replace all the parts so they match the door you choose.

If you require garage door services in McDonough, GA, call Affordable Dock & Door. We offer discounts and emergency services so you can keep your home safe and secure.

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