Do You Need Regular Garage Door Service in McDonough GA?

Your garage door is heavy, awkward and essential for the security of your home. If it becomes unbalanced or damaged, it can become dangerous or leave your home vulnerable to criminal elements wandering your neighborhood. Annual maintenance through a trusted garage door service in McDonough, GA is a good precaution, as is inspecting your own door each month. Here is what you should to maintain your garage door so it continues to serve you well:

  • Avoid do-it-yourself fixes: Garage door systems may seem simple but they are carefully balanced. Doors must be centered on the rails, and the cables and pulleys must be set to a specific tension. When these work well, so will your door. However, if they become out of sorts, you can risk injury or making the problem worse if you try to make adjustments without the proper equipment. So, when garage doors act up, call in the professionals. Do not attempt to handle issues yourself.
  • Test alignment monthly: When your garage door is aligned, it is easy to handle and works well. Turn off your garage door opener first. Attempt to open and close it with one hand. If aligned, this will happen easily. After that, open your door halfway and see if it stays in place. If the door sticks when opening or falls during the second test, call a technician.
  • Check the safety systems: The safety reversal system on your garage door will save lives. Like any other technology, it can wear out or you may need to clean the eyes periodically. Place a flat 2×4 under the garage door. Your system should reverse the door before it hits the 2×4. If it does not, have a technician test it further and tune it so your children and pets are not the next victims of this shortcoming.
  • Lubricate moving parts: At least once a year, lubricate rollers, bearings and hinges. This is a high-use item, and the constant opening and closing of your garage will evolve to metal-on-metal wear. Lubrication slows down this process and helps your door operate smoother. If the door is coming into contact with the wood frame, treat it with wax from a candle so it glides over the frame smoothly. This is often due to your house settling rather than anything wrong with the door, so do not panic if you notice that is occurring.
  • Check rails: The rails can wear out quickly if you do not maintain them. They should be lubricated every three or four years with a white lithium-based grease. As with other types of lubrication, this smoothes out the operation and preserves condition of metal parts. If the rails start to warp or your door gets stuck frequently even with good care, it may be time to call us for new rails or even a new garage door.

Affordable Dock & Door is your reliable garage door service in McDonough, GA. If you require repairs or maintenance, call us for an appointment today. We also offer 24-hour emergency repair services.

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