Call Us for Preventative Garage Door Maintenance!

If you have a garage, hopefully you have an automatic garage door opener. Lifting the garage door up and pulling it down every day is a hassle, and gets tiresome rather quickly. If your automatic garage door opener happens to break at some point, you’ll find out how annoying it truly is to pull your heavy door up and down each time you leave your house.

Luckily, you can call the experts at Affordable Dock & Door for preventative maintenance as part of your regular garage door service in McDonough, GA. Preventative maintenance helps ensure your garage door doesn’t break, and helps you avoid having to spend money on expensive repairs. Here are a few of the things our expert technicians will do for your garage door during a routine maintenance call:

  • We’ll start with a visual inspection: The first sign that your garage door may soon need repair is if anything is severely bent or appears to be in its death throes. While it’s possible that the bent or broken part will need to be replaced, we may be able to fix it at a substantially lower cost.
  • We’ll test it out: If everything looks like it should, we’ll give the buttons a test run. Is it opening and closing smoothly? Is it making any strange noises? These are just a couple of the questions will ask and determine with a test run. Any abnormalities will be adjusted on the spot, saving you money on expensive repairs.
  • We’ll tighten everything: Think of how many times your garage door opens and closes during the course of the day. Now, multiply that by 365 and you’ve got potentially thousands of opens and closes throughout the year! Over time, components of your garage door are bound to get loose. We’ll go through and examine aspects of your door that tend to get loose, and then tighten the mechanisms to the manufacturers specifications.
  • We’ll lubricate moving parts: Just like your car’s engine, your garage door needs to be properly lubricated in order for it to work correctly. Our technicians will use the best lubricant to get everything nice and slick to ensure it’s running as it should.
  • We’ll inspect the weather stripping: Although it doesn’t necessarily impede the functionality of your garage door, the weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door does wonders to keep debris out and maintain a comfortable temperature within your garage. Over time, however, that weather stripping tends to break down and not work as well as it once did. We can inspect it and replace it if necessary.
  • We’ll test the garage door balance: Every time your door opens and closes, it should do so on an even plane. If it’s cockeyed to one side, parts of the door mechanism will have to work harder and may break down sooner. Let us make sure it’s functioning on an even level to mitigate the need for repair.

Give Affordable Dock & Door a call today for preventative garage door service in McDonough, GA. We guarantee that calling us before a necessary repair will save you big bucks. In fact, a maintenance call is usually seven times less expensive than a repair call!

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