Celebrate the New Year with a New Garage Door!

New Year’s celebrations throughout the nation often involve lavish parties, champagne, tuxedos and ball gowns, and fancy food. After the clock strikes midnight, though, most folks go back to life as normal. If this sounds like you, consider continuing the celebration with a new garage door installation in McDonough, GA. A new garage door can improve your life in a number of different ways. Keep reading to find out how!

  • Improve home equity: Your home is an investment. You put a lot of time and effort into retaining and boosting its value by remodeling rooms in the house, making additions or even just updating appliances. But there are more things you can do to improve your home’s market value—for example, install a new garage door! A new garage door is much more affordable than remodeling your kitchen, and it can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, especially if you install a high-quality door. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, installing a new garage door is a fantastic idea.
  • Boost appearance: Is your old garage door dinged up from years of use and abuse from the weather? If so, your home may be the eyesore on your block. Your garage may be the first thing people see when they drive past or walk up to your house. Make sure they’re all impressed by installing a brand new garage door this year. Nobody wants to have the worst looking home in the neighborhood. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our beautiful garage door styles that match any home.
  • Save on heating and cooling bills: Spending an arm and a leg on your monthly heating and cooling bill is a huge bummer. Thankfully, it’s something you can avoid doing if you install a new garage door this year! If you have an attached garage, your inside air probably flows right through your old, un-insulated door. At the same time, heat and frigid air from outside seep in, making your home uncomfortable and further increasing your bill. Install one of our new insulated doors, and you’ll see savings almost instantly!
  • Less maintenance: Older garage doors should be maintained on a semi-regular basis to ensure they function properly. Springs should be oiled, and all components should be inspected by a professional. As you can imagine, all of these maintenance calls start to add up after a while. You can cut those costs by installing a new garage door today. A new door won’t need as much attention from a professional, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Safe storage: Most people store a lot of their tools, lawn equipment and other gear in their garage. Are your goods safe in your garage if your door is old and failing? Probably not! Ensure everything in your garage is safe and sound by installing a new garage door today.

Don’t go one more minute with your old, unattractive garage door. Give Affordable Dock & Door a call today to learn more about garage door installation in McDonough, GA and all of our other services.

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