How to Care for Your Loading Dock Equipment When the Weather Changes

Each season brings its own activities, interests and enjoyment. However, living in an area that can experience a wide range of changes in the weather each year can bring a unique set of difficulties as well. Changes in weather can take a toll on our homes, vehicles and other property, so it’s important that residents of Georgia take extra steps to ensure that anything exposed to the outdoor elements is well maintained and built to last.

At Affordable Dock & Door, we specialize in providing affordable, expert loading dock repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA. We recommend that our customers, for safety reasons, have a professional perform maintenance checks on their equipment on a regular basis. However, there are some things you can do in between checks to care for your loading dock when the weather changes.

Have a maintenance checklist

Loading dock safety doesn’t happen on its own, even with top-quality, reliable equipment. It’s important that you do regular safety checks, regardless of the season. Safety and maintenance checks should be done daily to check for obvious signs of breakdown and to ensure that everything is working properly. However, you should also perform maintenance checks monthly and semi-annually, and have an expert perform a maintenance check at least once a year. How often and what you look at as part of your regular maintenance check will depend on the type of equipment you have and how often you use it, but here are a few basics we recommend:

  • Conduit and wiring
  • Control boxes
  • Cylinders and linkage
  • Dock bumpers
  • Fasteners and welding
  • Inside signs
  • Main ramp controls
  • Springs or power modules
  • Outside lightboxes and signs
  • Rear hinges, lip spools and pins
  • Stringers and front and rear headers
  • Weather seals

Prevent moisture damage with regular cleaning and lubrication

When you live in a place like Georgia with high humidity, moisture can be a problem for any equipment exposed to the outdoor elements. While performing regular maintenance checks can help identify moisture damage when it occurs, it does not help prevent it. To prevent this type of damage, your loading dock equipment should be cleaned regularly, at least twice a year, and it is best to do this at the change in seasons. In spring and fall, all equipment should be thoroughly inspected, lubricated, adjusted and cleaned, paying special attention to these areas:

  • Clean pit, lip hinge and rear hinge area
  • Clean vehicle restraints operating area
  • Lubricate dock leveler according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Lubricate vehicle restraints according to manufacturer’s specifications

Schedule annual maintenance checks with a professional

While having regular maintenance checklists and cleaning plans in place helps keep your loading dock in good condition, scheduling regular loading dock maintenance in McDonough, GA is equally important. A professional can help identify a potential problem before it becomes an emergency and a big expense.

To schedule a time for your next loading dock maintenance check with local experts you can trust, call Affordable Dock & Door today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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