How to Prevent Future Problems with Your Garage Doors

Your garage door is an important part of your home, and probably one of the doors you use the most often. You likely use it many times a day, and it’s one of those things you don’t think about and tend to take for granted until it stops working and you find yourself in need of residential garage door service in McDonough, GA. In order to avoid needing emergency repairs that you didn’t expect, take time to perform these routine maintenance tasks and inspections on your garage door and stave off needing garage door services in McDonough, GA:

  • Examine the door: The first thing you can do to preempt problems is to inspect the garage door. Check wood doors for water damage, warping and peeling paint. You may want to ensure your steel door is cleaned of rust and painted to preserve its appearance. Regularly washing your garage door with a mild cleaner and water will help prevent slow deterioration and avoid the need for residential garage door service in McDonough, GA.
  • Be aware and observe: Listen for strange sounds and look for movements that seem out of place. Be aware of the workings of your garage door, and if they change in any way. Make sure it moves slowly instead of jerkily and doesn’t make any grinding or scraping noises. If you notice anything amiss, call a professional for garage door service in McDonough, GA right away.
  • Test the balance: Another thing you can do to check up on your garage door is to test the balance. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle and manually move the door about halfway up. It should stay put. If it doesn’t, that’s a sign that the counterweight system (usually springs with today’s doors) are not balanced properly. You’ll want to call a professional for residential garage door services in McDonough, GA to make a spring adjustment and ensure your door is operating correctly to ensure its reliability and longevity.
  • Tighten hardware: A great thing you can do for regular garage door maintenance is periodically tighten the hardware in the door and mechanisms. Your garage door moves up and down hundreds to thousands of times a year, which is a lot of opportunities for hardware to loosen. Take time to tighten the roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.
  • Lubricate: After you tighten the necessary bolts and brackets, you may also want to lubricate the moving parts, which will help the door run smoothly without friction that will slow it down and cause strain. Plus, lubricating doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Use white lithium grease on the opener’s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant on the overhead springs.

In addition to these routine maintenance procedures and inspections, you’ll want to get an occasional checkup by a residential garage door service in McDonough, GA. They can help inspect and replace the rollers, weather-stripping and cables, as well as the auto-reverse safety features. None of these features last forever, so it’s nice to have a professional take a look once in a while. Affordable Dock & Door can service any type of residential or commercial garage door. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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