Proper Maintenance Can Help You Save Money on Garage Door Repair in McDonough, GA

We often take our garage doors for granted. Like most mechanical things, we don’t think much about their operation until they no longer function properly. This is a mistake. Proper maintenance of your garage door can help you save money on garage door repair in McDonough, GA. Regular inspections and tune-ups will keep your garage door operating smoothly and help you avoid major repairs down the line.

This cost-effective maintenance involves a few simple steps. Here’s the FAQ to clue you in on how to save money with garage door maintenance.

What maintenance is required for my garage door?

To avoid extensive garage door repair in McDonough, GA, have your garage door inspected once each year. This annual tune-up will keep your door running quietly, safely and reliably. Consider scheduling an inspection with your local garage door service each spring or fall to extend the life of your door.

What is involved in an annual inspection?

When a professional garage door service in McDonough, GA inspects your garage, they will perform a complete check of all the parts and operations. They will inspect and tighten all hardware, including roller brackets and bolts. Due to the frequent movement of your door, it is common for these pieces to loosen over time. The inspection will also include lubrication of the chain or screw. This helps keep the door’s operation smoother and quieter while also increasing the longevity of the chain and opener.

Another essential part of the inspection is testing the balance of the door. This ensures the springs are under the proper amount of tension for safe operation. If the door is unbalanced, your garage door professional will adjust the spring tension for the best performance. Lastly, a complete inspection includes an evaluation of the seal on your door. The bottom of your steel door features a hollow rubber weather seal designed to keep air and pests out of your garage. Over time, wear and tear, as well as mice and other pests, can take their toll on this piece. If this needs to be replaced, a garage door service professional can make this repair.

Can I complete this inspection myself?

With the proper tools, you may be able to inspect your own garage door. However, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional. Garage doors and springs are under high tension and can be extremely dangerous if you have little experience working with them. A professional offers the experience and tools needed for the job, as well as any replacement parts that may be required. To ensure proper maintenance of your garage door, call the pros. This will help you avoid future garage door repairs in McDonough, GA.

Who should I call for garage door maintenance?

If you’d like to schedule maintenance for your garage door, contact the experts at Affordable Dock & Door. We offer superior service and in-depth knowledge of a full range of garage doors. Our experienced professionals will thoroughly inspect your garage door to ensure reliable, safe operation. Reach us today for smooth door operation tomorrow.

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