Pros and Cons of Garage Insulation

Most homeowners realize the value of their insulation within their homes, but what about in the garage? Is there really any benefit to having the garage insulated? There are several factors you should consider if you are thinking about insulating your garage.

This quick guide will provide helpful information and tips on insulating a garage and the best use of garage insulation.

How Is Your Garage Used?

The first question you should ask yourself when considering this home improvement is how exactly you plan to use the garage. This will help to determine if insulating the space will really be a benefit or not. There are both pros and cons of insulating a garage.  You want to ensure that you are making a smart investment that will benefit your family.

For instance, if you plan to use the garage space for additional living space to some degree, even if it is just for a game room, you would definitely want to have the space insulated properly. However, if the space is only used to house a car or as additional storage, additional insulation may not be needed.

Pros of Garage Insulation

Better energy bills – One of the most popular reasons to insulate a garage is to help reduce the amount of energy a home uses. Everyone wants to cut down on their energy consumption and save money. If the garage is fully insulated, it will have an overall effect on the amount of energy the entire house uses.

Better comfort levels – When the home is better insulated, regardless of where the additional insulation is located, it can be kept at more comfortable temps. This is important for the overall comfort of the entire home, and it can be accomplished by adding insulation in the garage and other locations.

Safer storage area – Another great benefit is that the stuff you store in the garage will be safer. If you are storing items that cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures, you will definitely want to consider adding insulation. This will keep the garage at a more reliable temp even if the garage area itself is not necessarily heated or cooled through the HVAC system.

Cons of Garage Insulation

There are also some cons to adding insulation in the garage.

Expense – This can be an expensive home improvement. You should carefully consider if the investment is worth it to you in the long run.

Little ROI – You should also consider the fact that adding garage insulation will not necessarily increase the value of your home. Adding insulation in the garage is a personal choice. If you plan to sell the house, the future owners may not have those same goals, and therefore the added insulation will not increase the value. If you are looking for an ROI, you might not want to install garage insulation.

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