Remembering Fire Door Service in McDonough, GA

If you operate a commercial or industrial building, then you’re likely very well aware of the fire doors that are most certainly present throughout it—these crucial exit points are mandated to be in every publicly accessible space so that in the event of a fire, people have a way to escape and contain the fire. But, in order for a fire door to do its job, it absolutely has to be in top working order.

Undertaking regular fire door service in McDonough, GA is the first and foremost way to ensure that your emergency escape routes are all ready to support you and anyone else in your building the moment a fire breaks out. But, beyond just checking to see if the door can be properly opened or closed, servicing a fire door means subjecting every single part of it to a close and thorough inspection and, if necessary, servicing the different components of the door to make sure that it’s in perfect working order. Take a look at just a few core focuses of fire door service in McDonough, GA:

  • Alarm mechanism: When the emergency bar is pressed and the door is open on a fire door, an alarm sounds to let everyone else in the area know two things: 1) that there’s a fire and 2) where the emergency exit is. If this alarm doesn’t work, however, it can cause major delays that might endanger people’s lives, making this a primary aspect of inspection.
  • Handles and hardware: The handle on a fire door should be resistant to accidental presses, but easy enough for even a child to open in the event of an actual fire, which is why the handle needs to be inspected regularly.
  • Hinges and bolts: Rusted hinges and bolts can compromise a fire door’s integrity and cause it to jam when it needs to be opened. A professional charged with inspecting a fire door will make sure that the hinges and bolts are in perfect working order.
  • The door itself: People don’t always realize that the purpose of a fire door is twofold and that while the first priority is to help people escape safely, the second is to contain the fire, should it reach the door. During fire door service in McDonough, GA, a professional will inspect the condition of the door and make certain that it can contain a fire based on its rating.

Types of fire doors

While we’re all pretty much accustomed to seeing the traditional fire door setup, wherein it looks and functions like a traditional door, there are also many types of fire doors that have their own different traits, thus requiring different inspections and services. Rolling fire doors, shutters, swinging doors and overhead rolling fire doors are all common types of fire doors in different situations—make sure you know which type you have before you call just any fire door inspection service.

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