Top Three Common Loading Dock Maintenance Issues

If you own or manage a commercial facility, you know that a working loading dock keeps things running smoothly. To improve productivity at your McDonough, GA facility, you need the help of the experts who know how to fix common loading dock maintenance issues. Read on to learn more about the top three loading dock maintenance issues you’re likely to encounter at your facility.

Dock doors

A properly functioning loading dock door protects the inside of your facility from the elements. It also keeps employees at your facility safe. If you notice any of these common loading dock door issues, call an expert to address the problem immediately:

  • Problems with cables or springs
  • Broken door sensors
  • Door misalignment

If you schedule regular loading dock maintenance with an experienced professional, you’ll typically be able to prevent these common loading dock door issues from occurring at your McDonough, GA facility. Your technician will perform a check for equipment failure and look for adequate lubrication on the door’s wheels.

Dock levelers

Your dock leveler ensures a smooth transition between the loading dock and the back of the trailer. This connection allows forklifts to come back and forth without issues like trailer creep. Just like other pieces of machinery around your facility, a dock leveler has plenty of moving parts that require regular cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and more.

If you want to make sure your dock leveler functions properly whenever you need it, you should contact a professional door and dock maintenance team to schedule regular inspections and perform needed services. A skilled technician checks fluid levels of hydraulic systems, tests the equipment and makes simple fixes as necessary. Instead of learning how to fix common loading dock maintenance issues yourself (and risking making a mistake in the process), rely on the experts to keep this piece of equipment in excellent condition. The safety of workers at your facility depends on it.

Vehicle restraints

Mechanical vehicle restraints are the best option for preventing gaps between the loading dock and a trailer. Functioning vehicle restraints are attached to the back of trailers to keep them from separating from the loading dock and potentially causing a serious accident. As part of your routine maintenance plan, have your dock technician inspect your vehicle restraints. Typical vehicle restraints use red and green lights to show a forklift operator that it’s safe to enter a trailer. If these lights fail, there’s a chance that the truck driver will pull away from the dock too soon and cause an accident. Your maintenance provider will make sure these lights are in working condition, and make any repairs as needed.

A properly functioning loading dock is essential to conducting business at your commercial facility in McDonough, GA. As a facility owner or manager, you can’t be expected to know how to fix common loading dock maintenance issues—you need the help of the experts. Contact Affordable Dock & Door to help you maintain a safe and productive loading dock at your facility.

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