Why Is My Garage Door Making So Much Noise?

Garage doors are often noisy to begin with, whether it’s from the sound of the wheels on the tracks or the motor chugging along happily. However, not all noises are good noises, and it’s important to be able to spot noises that signal some major trouble.

If you want to know whether your noisy door is in need of garage door repair in McDonough, GA, check out the following list of common garage door problems and the noises that might be alerting you to them:

  • Balance issues: If a garage door is unbalanced, it could cause a problem with wear on your garage door springs. In serious cases, it could cause a spring or cable to snap, or lead the motor to failure. If you notice a banging, rattling, squeaking or scraping noise, this could be the problem behind it.
  • Bent tracks: When you hear any type of rubbing noises, it could show that your tracks are bent, causing the wheels to rub against the tracks and create that grating noise. This puts extra pressure on your garage door opener motor, so you should have it checked out right away.
  • Lack of lubrication: Another fairly common issue with garage doors is that the individual parts might need more lubrication. With lots of lubrication, the many different components will work fairly quietly, but without it, you’ll start to hear a lot of squeaking, grinding or rattling.
  • Loose parts: With all the separate components of a garage door opener, it makes sense that one or two might come loose. So, if you hear lots of grinding, you might have a loose roller or hinge. Slapping noises are a sign of a loose chain. Finally, if you feel a vibration or hear a rattling noise while the door is opening or closing, it’s likely a loose nut or bolt.
  • Poor installation or acoustics: In the event that you have a fairly new door that you know is working well, your problem might be with the installation itself. Grinding, rattling or squealing might signal poor workmanship in terms of installation. On the other hand, a door can be installed properly and still be too noisy for your family. If this is the case, you might want to look at soundproofing or insulating your garage.

As soon as you hear one of the sounds above, make sure to check in with a company that performs quality garage door repair in McDonough, GA. Not sure who to call? You’ll want to have Affordable Dock & Door on speed dial. Since 1994, our family-owned and operated company has built a strong reputation in the McDonough area and surrounding communities because of our exceptional customer service.

The staff at Affordable Dock & Door can help with any number of garage door problems by repairing them efficiently and at competitive prices. And if you do need to eventually replace your garage door, you can rest assured that we have a wide selection available, and can even design a custom door for your home. Call today for more information!

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