How to Detect Garage Door Scams

When there’s a problem with your garage door, you undoubtedly want to have it repaired as quickly as possible to keep your car and your property safe. Because most homeowners are willing to do whatever it takes to have their garage door working properly again before the sun sets, many dishonest scammers look to take advantage of this desperation. In order to help keep you protected from these cons, your local garage door company in McDonough, GA is here to tell you about some of the most common scams to be on the lookout for.

Common garage door scams

Some dishonest contractors will use low quality parts when installing your garage door so that you will inevitably have to call them again to replace it. By telling you that your new installation has a lifetime guarantee, these scammers intentionally mislead you to think that any subsequent visits they make to your home for repairs will be free. In reality, though, they plan on charging outlandish service fees for every trip, only to continue to use cheap parts that will continue to fail.

It is not uncommon for garage door companies to use subcontractors to complete different portions of a complicated project. However, if this is necessary for your particular installation or repair job, you should be notified before work begins. Dishonest contractors take advantage of this common practice by sending unlicensed independent contractors to complete the work. Then, when something goes wrong, these subcontractors will not be around for repairs.

Recognizing a scam

Although sneaky contractors will use every trick in the book to try and con you out of your hard-earned money, there are a few red flags that will help you spot these frauds and protect yourself:

  • Generic company vehicles: If a garage door repair technician shows up to your home in an unmarked van that doesn’t display any logos, or the license plates are from a different state, they are likely out to scam you and then skip town.
  • Hiding information: Legitimate companies usually don’t have a problem providing information about their operation, because their goal is to build a long-lasting relationship. If the company you plan to work with is hesitant to tell you where they are located or how you can reach them, they are probably being cagy for a reason.
  • Unusual pricing: If you come across a company that provides a quote that is either extremely high or markedly lower than the other estimates you have received, they are likely running some type of scam. Also be wary of companies that give you an exact price for your job before coming out to take a look at the scope of your repair needs.

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