7 Simple Tips to Ensure Fire Door Compliance

No matter the industry, fire safety in warehouses must be taken seriously. Making sure that your commercial building is up to code could not only save lives but prevent costly fines as well. Understanding fire door compliance can help your industrial facility pass a fire door inspection.

While there are certain obvious ways to stay compliant with fire door safety, some other tips might be lesser known. In this article, we’ll offer seven tips to help your commercial building maintain fire door compliance so that you can pass a fire door inspection.

Don’t block the door

On most fire doors, there will be signs telling you to keep it clear. In an industrial warehouse, it’s easy to let things pile up and stack equipment in any open corner that’s available, but try to refrain from blocking any fire doors, as these could cause you to fail a fire door inspection.

Test the doors

A key tenet of fire door compliance is opening and closing the doors regularly. Doing this ensures that the doors can open if they need to be opened. It also prevents the doors from getting stuck, which could be a problem if you go months or years between opening and closing them.

Be careful when painting

When painting your fire doors, exercise caution, and don’t paint over anything that could compromise their function. This means that you shouldn’t paint over any of the doors moving parts, nor should you paint over any fire safety labels, links or heat sensors. Painting over something you shouldn’t could incur a large fine.

Don’t modify fire doors on your own

You shouldn’t make any modifications to your fire doors until you check with an expert first. Making custom modifications without checking with a professional can lead to your fire doors failing an inspection. Experts can help you with modifications and keep your fire doors compliant.

Document any modifications or inspections

If you make any modifications to your fire doors with the help of an expert, make sure that you document those. You should have your fire doors inspected at least once per year, and you should document those inspections as well. If there’s ever an investigation, having your inspections and modifications documented could help you immensely.

Check your fire doors frequently

You can check your fire doors once per month via a visual inspection. Check the various parts and components of your door when you test them, and make sure that the various latching mechanisms are functioning correctly. Note any signs of wear and tear, and schedule repairs if necessary.

Coach your staff

This is one of the most important facets of fire door compliance. Make sure that your staff understands the rules regarding fire door compliance so that you can pass a surprise fire door inspection. Your employees should know not to block the door and to make sure doors stay closed that are supposed to stay closed and doors remain open that are meant to be open.

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