The Top Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

It goes without saying that the door is an essential part of any garage. While a garage door can last for a few decades without needing to be replaced, the day may come when you need to hire a residential garage door service in Flippen, GA for replacement.

Keep reading to learn a few of the top signs that you need a new garage door.


Garage doors are sturdy for the most part, but they can get dented or damaged throughout the years. Some dents can be repaired by a professional. Larger ones—especially those caused by a car backing into the door—can cause significant damage. Talk to a professional about replacing your door if there’s one big dent or several smaller ones.


Improperly-maintained wooden doors or those with structural flaws might start to sag over time. This sagging is unattractive and can be a safety hazard. We’re typically unable to make repairs to a sagging door, so you’ll need to have it replaced.

Old age

The lifespan of a garage door depends on the material it’s made of and how well it’s maintained. That said, garage doors can last for about 30 years before they need to be replaced. If your door is about three decades old, talk to a professional about new residential garage door sales in Flippen, GA.

Poor energy efficiency

An attached garage can be one of the leading causes of high energy bills. This is often because the garage is under-insulated and the door is old. Newer doors are built with energy efficiency in mind. They’re well-insulated and feature bottom seals, sealing joints and weather strips that help keep outside air out and inside air in.

Hiring a residential garage door service in Flippen, GA to replace your door might not be cheap. However, your new door will pay for itself over time due to your energy bill savings.

Safety concerns

You might not think it, but a closing garage door is one of the bigger hazards in your home. The door can cause severe injuries if it hits a person or pet on its way down. New doors have safety sensors that automatically stop the door from closing if there’s someone or something in the way.

If your current door doesn’t have these safety features, it’s time to consider investing in a new one.

Improve curb appeal

If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, consider starting by upgrading your garage door. A new garage door gives your home a quick facelift and has a great return on investment (ROI). In fact, new doors can have an ROI of over 97 percent.

Hire us to install your door

Installing a new garage door is not a DIY project—you’ll have to hire a pro. Be sure to choose our team at Affordable Dock & Door to complete the job. Give us a call today to speak with a representative about residential garage door sales in Flippen, GA or to get a quote for installation.