Want to Upgrade Your Dock Leveler? Here Are Some Cool Additional Products

Every manufacturer knows the value of their business’ loading dock. It’s on the dock where your goods are loaded and unloaded by the semis that are a constant presence in any vibrant company. The dock is your product’s gateway to the rest of the world—without it, you wouldn’t be able to transport your products or receive fresh supplies.

Without your dock’s leveler, however, incoming trailers would be stopped at the door, and your newly-minted products would be stopped just a few short feet from distribution. Without a dock leveler to bridge that small gap, the chasm between your loading dock and the back of a trailer may as well be a million miles.

Your dock leveler could be doing more for you, however. Here are some dock leveler upgrades in McDonough, GA, that could improve your company’s safety and efficiency more than you ever thought possible.

Go hydraulic or go home

Tired of having to take the time (and muscle power) to operate your manual dock leveler? Purchase a hydraulic conversion kit that transforms your old-school dock leveler into a state-of-the-art push-button mechanism. The savings on effort alone is worth the investment.

Stop accidents from happening

Working in and around an empty loading dock can pose more hazards to your employees than you might think. Take your eyes off the ball for one moment, for example, and you could end up running a forklift right off the end of your dock. That poses a threat to both your employees and your equipment. A lip barrier, however, is one of several simple dock leveler additions in McDonough, GA that is designed to make your loading dock as safe as possible.

Protection from big, bad Mother Nature

Anyone who’s spent time working on a loading dock understands the extent to which the outside world works right alongside you. When it’s hot outside, the metal bits and bobs on your loading dock make it warmer than an oven. During the winter, your loading dock will turn into a frigid wind tunnel. These temperature extremes are as hard on your components as they are on your employees.

Weatherproof seals, however, can help preserve the integrity of your metal dock leveler and lower heating and cooling costs all year long.

Your one-stop dock leveler shop

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