Add Vinyl and Brush Seals with Your Next Garage Door Service in McDonough, GA

If you are due for garage door service in McDonough, GA, you may want to consider installing full perimeter vinyl and brush seals. Adding this feature can add many benefits to your garage, and some of them are best appreciated during winter. Here are the benefits of adding this weather stripping to your garage door:

  • Steady temperatures: Just like with any door, your garage door will experience leaks around the seals. Some door types already come with seals, but these can deteriorate over time. Adding vinyl and brush seals controls the air leaks that often make temperature control in your garage impossible. You will enjoy a better garage environment rather than experiencing chilling cold every time you need to get to your car or find a tool.
  • Insect control: Insects are a fact of life in the South, and in the winter, they look for cozy places to nest. Your garage can be a preferred spot because there is less human presence and many areas in which to hide. Adding brush seals makes it more difficult for them to turn your garage into their home. Since many insects can cause damage or allergic reactions, adding this extra means of controlling them also improves your garage environment.
  • Reduced debris: Wind and precipitation can bring dirt and leaves into your garage. These can be a hazard, especially if you run space heaters or propane tools. It is also unpleasant to clean up, and you likely do not want to keep your garage open during cold days while you sweep up the mess inside it. Adding the perimeter seals makes it more difficult for dirt to build up inside and reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning. It also reduces the risk of slipping on a wet leaf or other peril that can injure you.
  • Reduced utility expenses: Garages are normally not heated, but air leaks around the seals can increase heating costs inside your home. Drafts that leak into your garage also affect the temperature of your living areas and increase pressure on your HVAC system. This is especially true if you keep laundry appliances in your garage, since that will make you go back and forth between the garage and the living area of your home more frequently. Adding the seals increases insulation, which reduces drafts and lowers your utility bills.
  • Easier to work in your garage: Who wants to work in a drafty, uncomfortable garage? Pretty much no one! When you consider all these factors together, the vinyl and brush seals make your garage a much better place to work on projects. There is less dirt building up and better temperatures for comfort. It also keeps out elements that can damage your tools and make it impossible to complete your work. Basically, this one addition can make a world of difference for your garage.

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