Enjoy a Discount on Garage Door and Dock Repair Service in McDonough, GA

Affordable Dock & Door is thankful to those who serve in the military and public safety arenas. If you serve in the military or act as a public safety officer, you are entitled to a 15 percent discount on any garage door or dock repair service in McDonough, GA that you might need. Mention your service record when you call for an appointment, and we will do the rest. Here are five services you may want to consider when you use your discount:

  • Residential door maintenance: Colder temperatures will be here soon, and you likely want to make sure your garage door at home is working right. Call us today and we will lubricate tracks and assure the structural integrity of your cables. If there is any damage to the door or the parts that move it, we can make repairs to them at the same time we visit for this vital maintenance appointment.
  • Garage door opener repairs: If you are having trouble with a quirky garage door opener, let us take a look at it. There may be an electrical issue or a dirty track that keeps the door from moving correctly. We have experience with openers for all the garage doors we sell and can take the steps needed to make yours work well for you once again.
  • 24/7 commercial door repairs: Your commercial premises must remain secure. You cannot leave doors stuck open on your auto shop or warehouse, since this risks getting tools, equipment and inventory stolen. However, when the problem arises at 5pm right when everyone is trying to get home, you can find yourself in a panicked situation. Rather than worry, call us instead. We can show up any time, day or night, to take care of that stuck door or broken track so your shop remains secure.
  • Dock leveling: In addition to taking care of residential and commercial garage doors, we also offer dock services. A dock leveler evens out height and space differentials so your loading zone operates more efficiently. It also makes the area safer so you can face a reduced chance of workers’ compensation claims and lack of productivity. Let us take a look and advise you on what you need.
  • Loading zone adjustments: You may require general assistance because, while you know your loading zones have shortcomings, you do not know what to do about them. Our dock service will look at adjustments that will help productivity and worker safety. You may require accessories like a dock leveler, or construction adjustments to make loading and unloading easier. If you know there are issues, but need answers, we can be there to provide them.

If you need garage door or dock repair service in McDonough, GA, Affordable Dock & Door is here for you. Call us today to take advantage of this 15 percent discount and enjoy a better functioning garage or dock. Affordable Dock & Door thanks you for your service, and looks forward to serving you soon!

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