Common Causes of Squeaky Garage Doors

Most people expect a certain level of noise from their garage door. Garage doors have a lot of moving parts and the motor has to work hard to lift and lower the heavy door. Due to this, garage doors can be noisy while opening and closing. However, when the parts of a garage door are not in good working order or need to be replaced, they may start making different, and more annoying, noises.

Garage door noises in McDonough, GA can range from rattling to squeaking. If you’re dealing with a squeaky garage door, you’ll want to fix the problem right away. While the squeaking itself is annoying, it can indicate more serious issues with your door. Check out these common reasons you may have a squeaky garage door.

Moving Parts of Garage Doors

As garage doors lift and lower the door, many different moving parts interact with one another. These parts wear out over time. Occasionally, you may even have a new part that is faulty and does not work properly.

One of the most common reasons you will have a squeaky garage door is due to worn out or malfunctioning parts. Inspect your garage door’s parts regularly to check for signs of wear or damage.

  • Hinges: Garage door hinges hold the door together. This keeps the panels from separating when folding and unfolding during opening and closing. Popping, snapping and squeaking are all noises made by worn hinges. Hinges should be inspected about every six months for wear and tear.
  • Rollers: The rollers of your garage door allow it to move up and down in the track. Faulty rollers or rollers that have worn down may be prone to coming off the track. You can think of rollers like tires on your car that need to be replaced regularly.
  • Springs: Springs on garage doors counteract the force of gravity. As your door is lowered, the springs help to keep it from falling too quickly on the ground. Likewise, as the garage door is lifted, the springs help remove some of the weight of the door from the track.

Unbalanced Doors

A lesser known cause of squeaky garage door noises in McDonough, GA is an unbalanced door. Your garage door needs to be correctly aligned to properly lift and lower in its track. When it is out of balance, the door may not move up and down smoothly.

The easiest way to check if your garage door is out of balance is to lift and lower it with the emergency pull cord. If the door falls down it is unbalanced. You will need a professional technician to help get the door back in balance.

Get Rid of Garage Door Noises in McDonough, GA

Garage doors can be noisy when running properly, but they can make squeaking noises when the parts have worn or they are unbalanced. Get your squeaky garage door fixed today by contacting the garage door professionals at Affordable Dock & Door.

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