What to Do When My Garage Door Opens Slowly

You’re driving home after work on Friday and are excited to get home and relax. When you pull into your driveway, you press your garage door opener. You anxiously tap your steering wheel as the door seems to take forever to open.

Perhaps you think the door is opening slowly because you’re ready to be home for the weekend. However, garage doors are machines made up of a complex system of pulleys, tracks and springs to lift and lower your garage door automatically and safely. If your door is opening slower than usual, it’s a good idea to look into what is causing the issue.

Follow these steps to determine what is making your garage door open so slowly.

Check Your Garage Door Speed

Before you can decide how to fix a slow garage door, you need to determine how slowly it’s moving. Most residential garage doors open at a rate of approximately 7 inches per second. If you find that your door is opening slower than about half a foot per second, it may be time for garage door maintenance in McDonough, GA.

In addition to timing your door to see how slowly it is opening, you may want to check for a speed setting. Many modern garage doors have a speed setting which allows you to change the opening speed to some degree. If you have just installed your door, it may be on the slowest setting to start. Check out your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to switch the speed setting.

Lubricate Moving Parts

The most common reason garage doors open slowly is due to friction between the moving parts. Garage door systems require many different parts to move together to open and lower your door. Over time, these moving parts start rubbing against each other as the lubricating oil dries up. An important part of garage door maintenance in McDonough, GA is keeping tracks, springs and other parts properly lubricated.

You can usually get your door moving at the right speed again by applying a few drops of penetrating oil to all of the moving parts. This oil will work its way into the various parts and help them slide smoothly. This makes it much easier for your garage door motor to lift and lower the heavy door without resistance.

Check the Motor

If lubricating the moving parts of your garage door doesn’t fix the issue, consider looking at your garage door motor. Motors wear out over time due to use. The best way to check your garage door motor is by calling a maintenance technician to take a look. If it is worn out, you may need to have a new motor installed.

Garage Door Maintenance in McDonough, GA

Your garage door has many moving parts that can wear out of break down over time. To keep your garage door running properly, contact the experts at Affordable Dock & Door today!

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