Find the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Garage in Time for Summer

Summer heat could make being in your garage for more than a few minutes seem unbearable. Hot weather could make you work slower and have trouble concentrating. Dehydration and passing out are also risks when it comes to working in hot weather. This is why it’s important to have the best fans installed in your garage. This is true for both residential and commercial garages.

Deciding on the perfect fans for your garage could be a bit of a challenge, since there are so many options available. There are many things you’ll want to consider, including the price of the fan and the size of your garage. When trying to decide on a good fan, it’s best to consult a commercial and residential garage door service provider in McDonough, GA. Below are just a few of the best garage ceiling fans currently on the market.

Minka Aire Xtreme H20

There are some fans that excel better in large garages than other fans, and the Minka Aire Xtreme H2O is one of them. This fan features a 65” blade span and can be adjusted to six different speeds. An added benefit of the Minka Aire Xtreme H2O is that it’s energy efficient, which could help save money on your power bill. Since the fan is larger than your average fan, it usually costs a bit more, but it will likely also be more cost efficient than having several smaller fans installed in your garage.

Hunter Ocala

This fan doesn’t require much power at all and can be purchased at a minimal price. While the Hunter Ocala isn’t great for large garages, it could easily keep you cool if you’re working in a smaller space. This fan features a 52-inch blade span, making it a bit smaller than some of the other fans featured in this article.

Air King 9718

Some people prefer ceiling mount fans in their garage. If you’re one of these people, consider the Air King 9718, which is a ceiling mount fan with 18-inch blades. This fan is available for around $159 and is great for those looking for something powerful. It can be used in most garages and is quite easy to assemble.

Hunter Key Biscayne

Another small fan, the Hunter Key Biscayne is perfect for those with minimal garage space who are looking to save some energy. The Hunter Key Biscayne can work in both garages and inside your home or office thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design. This fan can be quickly installed with the help of a company that specializes in commercial garage door sales and similar services in McDonough, GA.

Hunter Cassius

Great for use in your garage, the Hunter Cassius as a great-looking fan that offers quiet airflow. It features three blades and no light fixtures. It’s best for those who have smaller garages. This fan is quite easy to assemble and install.

When looking for the perfect fan, it’s best to get an opinion from an expert. Contact the team at Affordable Dock & Door for all your commercial garage door service needs in McDonough, GA!