Fixing a Noisy Garage Door: Why Is It Noisy?

A noisy garage door is more than a nuisance—it’s a sign that your garage door needs repairs. But don’t worry, fixing a noisy garage door in McDonough, GA is usually a fairly simple process. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s making that noise?

No garage door is completely silent. However, certain problems with your garage door can make it noisier than normal. When that happens, opening and closing the door can disturb people sleeping in your home and bother your neighbors.

The fact that the door is making extra noise indicates some type of mechanical problem with the components. Fasteners might be loose. Springs may need to be adjusted. Parts may be wearing out. Any of these situations can generate extra noise as the garage door moves.

How can I make my garage door quieter?

To fix a noisy garage door in McDonough, GA, you can try one of three methods. Before attempting any repairs yourself, it’s always best to consult with a professional who specializes in garage doors.

Nuts and bolts

The first method for fixing a noisy garage door in McDonough, GA is to tighten the various nuts and bolts that hold the apparatus together. It’s likely that the track supports are loose, or the door is missing a screw or bolt. If so, the door will rattle as it opens and closes.

To correct the issue, use a socket set or wrench to tighten all the screws and bolts. Do not overtighten and do not adjust springs or parts that are connected to the springs. The springs that operate your garage door are under high tension and can cause serious injury if handled improperly. Always leave any spring repairs to the experts.


The second method for fixing a noisy garage door in McDonough, GA is to replace or lubricate the rollers. If the noise your garage door makes is more of a squeak than a rattle, the rollers are probably the issue. Use a lubricant designed for garage doors to thoroughly lubricate the rollers. Include the hinges, springs, bearings and lift cables. If your garage door has any plastic components, do not lubricate these.


Another source of noise could be the hinges on your garage door. Inspect these to check for wear. Look for metal filings or dust around the hinges and check for any broken hinges. If any of the hinges need to be replaced, contact a professional to complete this repair. Removing hinges can be extremely dangerous, so never attempt this repair on your own. If the hinges seem to be in good shape, try lubricating them to reduce their noise level.

Enjoy peace and quiet

If you’re dealing with a noisy garage door in McDonough, GA, contact the team at Affordable Dock & Door. We’ve been serving the area with excellence since 1994. Family owned and operated, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Reach out to us today to partner with our expert professionals for your next garage door repair.

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