Four Reasons to Choose Professional Garage Door Installation

Some projects are perfect for DIY efforts—some are not. When it’s time to install a garage door, it’s time to contact commercial garage door service. Here’s why.

Experts have the experience

It might sound easy to install or repair a garage door, but, like many things, it’s harder than it looks. Don’t be deceived by DIY videos that make this task look like a cinch; this job requires expertise to make sure it’s done right. Professional garage door installers have been doing this for years. They have the necessary knowledge to complete the installation efficiently and safely. Attempting to do it yourself may result in a lot of hassle, frustration and possibly even damage to the door.

Professionals have the parts

Are you familiar with garage door components? Do you know how to balance the door, replace damaged or worn parts and align each component properly? If you miscalculate, or if you need a replacement part, you may end up stuck in the middle of your project. A commercial garage door service has access to all the parts they may need to effectively replace or repair the door. They also have the tools and knowledge to make sure everything is done with precision and accuracy.

Service providers know safety

Garage door installation can be a dangerous job. Especially for those with little to no experience, this task can pose a safety risk. Keep in mind that these doors are extremely heavy and cumbersome. They can be awkward to install, and old components may fail during removal of the old door. There is also electricity to consider. Because the door involves power, extra precautions must be taken during installation. Professionals know what safety measures to take and can safely install the door for you, so you can avoid putting yourself at risk.

Will you maintain the warranty?

Most garage doors come with some type of warranty from the manufacturer—but be sure to look closely at the terms of the warranty. For the warranty to remain in effect, it may require professional installation of your garage door. Additionally, commercial garage door sales in McDonough, GA often include their own warranty if you purchase the door and installation from that company. They will stand behind their labor, so you can rest assured you are covered if there are any issues with your door. If you try this task yourself, you are the only one backing the project.

We’re here to help

You don’t have to do this task on your own! For reliable commercial garage door service in McDonough, GA, contact the experts at Affordable Dock & Door. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for quality garage door installation and service since 1993. We offer a wide variety of garage door models and sizes, plus custom garage doors for your specific design needs. Once you select the perfect garage door for your property, our experienced staff will perform installation in any residential or commercial setting. Contact us today at 770-957-9400 to get started.