Garage Door Installation in McDonough, GA Isn’t Complete Without Proper Insulation

Good homeowners know the value in installing high quality insulation in their homes. Insulation can save tons of money each month on heating and cooling costs, and will keep your home comfortable all year long. It can also help protect against outside elements that try getting in through your roof and siding. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many people neglect insulating their garages for one reason or another. We’re firm believers in the fact that every garage should be well insulated after garage door installation in McDonough, GA. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Garage door insulation keeps heat/air in: A lot of garages aren’t heated or cooled. Why should they be? Most folks don’t spend all that much time in their garages when they’re at home. If they do hang out in their garage, they probably just use a portable space heater or fan to keep warm or cool. Even though your garage isn’t heated or cooled, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth insulating. An attached garage can be significantly cooler during the summer or warmer during the winter just because it’s adjacent to your home. Make sure that inside air from your home doesn’t escape through your un-insulated garage door.
  • Garage door insulation keeps outside air out: Frigid winters and scorching summers can make life miserable in un-insulated garages. Even if you’re in your garage for only a few moments, it can be unbearably uncomfortable. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. Insulating your door after garage door installation in McDonough, GA will drastically reduce the negative effects of the outside temperature. A properly insulated garage door will repel a large percentage of the hot or cold air coming from outside.
  • Garage door insulation keeps your home more comfortable: Garage door insulation works really well to keep your whole home more comfortable (assuming you have an attached garage). All of that hot or cold air mentioned above doesn’t just stop when it gets into your garage. The air can still penetrate your garage’s walls and ceiling and make your home too hot or too cold. Simply insulate your garage door and ensure your family stays a little more comfortable all year long. In addition, insulating your door will do wonders to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. That alone is well worth the cost of insulating your door!
  • Garage door insulation is great for detached garages: Just because your garage isn’t attached to your home doesn’t mean that the door shouldn’t be insulated. If you have a detached garage that you use for working on cars or enjoying other hobbies, insulating your door will do wonders to keep you comfortable all year long. Nobody wants to be sweating or shivering while doing activities they love out in their garage.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should insulate your garage door, give Affordable Dock & Door a call! We’ll do our best to change your mind and convince you that it’s well worth the money to insulate your garage door.

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