Open Your Garage Door from Anywhere in the World

Advances in Wi-Fi technologies have brought many new and wonderful gadgets into our lives, and one of these is the Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener. This opener allows you to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world simply by using an app on your smartphone. Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers are the epitome of convenience and functionality.

At Affordable Dock & Door, we specialize in the installation of Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers. As your local source for garage door openers in McDonough, GA, we carry the best brands in the business, including LiftMaster. Our highly trained technicians can have your new opener installed and ready to use same day. If you’ve been considering making your garage door into a smart garage door, we guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Below are just a few of the amazing features you can expect when you have us install your new garage door opener:

  • Safety reversing sensors: The Wi-Fi enabled brands we carry come with safety reversing sensors. These sensors are located on each side of your garage door and create an infrared beam. If you try to close the door and something obstructs the beam—say a bike lying in the way or a small child walking through—the door will immediately stop and go back up while flashing a warning light to let you know that something is blocking the door.
  • Energy conservation: The garage door opener has an energy conservation feature that will put the garage door into “sleep mode” when it is not in use, so it isn’t constantly turned on and wasting energy. The same feature will also turn off the garage door lights, saving you even more money.
  • Light features: The light feature will turn on the garage door lights when you operate the garage door. The lights will automatically turn off after a few minutes, saving energy. There is also another feature that includes motion detection, so even if you walk into the garage from the house or from outside, the lights will turn on automatically. This can be a great safety feature to ward off intruders, as well.
  • Alert2Close: This is an added feature that can let you know when the garage door is closing. It uses the visual of flashing lights as well as an audible alert as a warning that the garage door is in operation.
  • Timer-to-close: You can program your garage door to automatically close after a set amount of time. No more worrying about the kids leaving the door open or forgetting to close the door when you leave home.
  • 4 GH Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi network for these garage door openers typically allows connections for up to six devices. It also allows you to not only control the garage door, but the lights and warning signals, too, so you and each family member can have control of the garage door.

Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers provide a superior level of convenience and safety for the smart homeowner. Just imagine the convenience of having access to your garage door from anywhere in the world! If you’re ready to update your garage door opener, give Affordable Dock & Door a call. As your local source for garage door openers in McDonough, GA, we can have your new opener installed and ready to use same day!

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