Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Maintain Functionality All Season Long

Garage doors can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years on average, and maybe more in the right circumstances. By staying on top of garage door maintenance, you can extend the useful lifespan of your door and avoid expensive replacement.

Summer is the best season to perform maintenance due to the nice weather. There are still a few weeks of summer ahead of us, so here are a few summer tips for garage door maintenance:

  • Check and lubricate all the hardware: The simplest type of maintenance task you can perform is to conduct a visual inspection of hardware and look for wear and tear. Do any hinges appear to be loose? Is there a buildup of debris or corrosion? Tighten all the bolts, and if there are any that are missing, be sure to replace them. Then go through and lubricate all the hardware and mechanical parts used to raise and lower the door, which will help you keep the hardware in good condition and eliminate loud noises during operation.
  • Keep the door clean: You can keep your door looking good by regularly washing it to remove all the built-up dirt, debris and muck. Simply use water and a mild detergent. Not only will this keep the door clean, but it will also keep it in good condition, as it will prevent the debris from eating away at the finish on the door and potentially causing deterioration that may necessitate an early replacement.
  • Insulation: Garage door insulation is beneficial during the winter to keep the interior of your garage above freezing. During the summer, the insulation prevents the garage from overheating. This is especially beneficial if you have an attached garage, so you don’t have to worry about the heat or cold from your garage getting into your living spaces. More consistent temperatures means more consistent operation of the garage door as well.
  • Rust removal: If you have a steel garage door and see rust starting to build up on the surface, you can remove it by sanding down the area, adding a primer and then putting a new coat of paint on top. Make sure any paint or finish you use is designed to prevent rust formation.
  • Testing: Regularly test your garage door to make sure everything is working properly. Pay special attention to the noises—is it operating with more noise than usual? Do you hear any unusual creaks or squeaks? In addition, as the door is going up or down, do you see any sudden hitches or anything that appears to indicate stress in the system? You probably use your garage door all the time without actually paying all that much attention to how smoothly it’s operating, so testing the door once or twice and really watching it work can provide you with some good information.

For more information and garage door maintenance tips you can put into practice this summer to ensure high-quality operation all year long, contact the team at Affordable Dock & Door today.