Tips for Choosing the Right Dock Leveler

Dock levelers are critical pieces of equipment as they improve shipping efficiency, which simplifies your loading dock operations. That means you can protect your valuable inventory from damage. If your business operations involve loading and unloading materials, you will significantly benefit from choosing the right dock leveler. In this article, we will list a few factors to consider when choosing a dock leveler to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Assess Your Needs

The first question you want to ask yourself is what you want your dock leveler to do. You also want to determine the maximum weight of the load and whether you need to accommodate a specific range of trailer deck heights. Your operating environment also matters as some industries have specific wash-down requirements and pest control needs. If your working facility is located in a colder environment, your leveler style should be solely dictated by insulation requirements. Lastly, check your present and future operations to know what you really want.

Determine Your Options

There are a few popular types of dock levelers that differ based on functionality. They include hydraulic, EOD or Edge of Dock, and mechanical. Hydraulic dock levelers are easy to use and versatile. They also require less maintenance but can be quite costly. EOD dock levelers are easy to work with and cost less. However, they offer limited versatility. Mechanical dock levelers are more common as they are generally cheaper and don’t require power to run. However, mechanical dock levelers require higher maintenance.

Set a Budget

Once you’ve determined which type of dock leveler to go with, the next step is creating a realistic budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a dock leveler and begin your search. Remember to factor in your future needs, which could mean getting a more expensive dock leveler.

Check Maintenance Cost

Your budget should include setup and maintenance costs, like any other piece of machinery. You will need to hire a professional dock installation service provider to avoid costly mistakes. Like any piece of equipment, your dock leveler will require frequent tune-ups to ensure it works at optimum capacity. Neglecting maintenance may shorten its lifespan and lead to costly repairs. Some of the expensive dock levelers have lower maintenance needs thanks to their designs and functionality.

Consider Functionality

Maintenance goes hand in hand with functionality. A well-maintained dock leveler is likely to serve you longer if it’s functioning at its maximum capability. Depending on your operations, you may be using your dock lever several times a day or once every day. Consider how frequently you will be using it and its ease of use and functionality. Your employees should be able to operate it with ease as part of their daily tasks without harming productivity. Go for equipment that simplifies your team’s work, such as using push-button controls without exerting too much physical effort.

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