Can You Replace a Section of a Garage Door, or Should You Replace the Whole Door?

If you’re dealing with garage door problems, you’re probably dreading the costs. It’s difficult to plan for these things, and you’re not looking forward to the inconvenience and expense. You may be wondering if garage door section replacement is a viable alternative to replacement.

Read on to find out whether you can replace just part of a garage door.

How garage door repair works

The fact is that these doors can be tricky to replace, as they have many moving parts. Simply replacing the door won’t necessarily mean that you get the best parts possible. You should start by figuring out—or having a technician figure out for you—exactly what you need to replace.

The importance of garage door hinges

One critical part of any garage door is the hinge. The hinge is responsible for keeping the door from swinging out of the tracks. When the hinges are broken or worn out, then you will need to replace them and the track. This may sound like a straightforward repair, but you have many options with hinges. There are both standard hinges and those on the back of the door, which are called drop hinges.

You then will need to decide whether you want to replace the part with a wooden or metal hinge. You can use glue to install the hinges, but this will likely take some time. If you’re doing it yourself, you have to be completely sure about the exact part you need before heading out to the hardware store.

Extent of garage door damage

When you’re looking to replace the door itself, you need to consider which part is damaged. Garage door section replacement depends on whether the top or bottom is damaged. The top section of the door should have a strut and operator bracket installed. These elements should be in the user manual for the garage door and are the most common things left out in an install.

The bottom part of the door will have seals installed by the manufacturer for steel doors; however, for wooden doors, the seal is installed separately at the installer’s site.

If only one or two panels were damaged (e.g., in a minor accident with your vehicle), replacing those panels may be more straightforward and cost-effective. Replacing the whole door is only recommended in cases of severe damage or due to long-term wear and tear. The average garage door will last about 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Repairing a door will help extend its lifetime and ensure the longevity of your investment.

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