Basic High-Speed Door Safety Considerations

If you own or run an industrial facility or warehouse, you have a duty to keep all equipment in safe operating condition, including any high-speed doors you have on the property. Follow these high-speed door safety tips at your McDonough, GA facility to ensure your safety and the safety of your employees.

Train your staff

High-speed doors are useful when it comes to energy efficiency at your facility or warehouse. These doors can open at a rate of between 30 to 100 inches per second, which reduces energy loss from the inside of your building to the outside. With this speed comes some safety risks, which is why each member of your staff needs to be fully trained to operate this special type of door. Go over basic guidelines for safe high-speed door usage with your forklift drivers especially so they know how to approach a high-speed door the right way.

Focus on visibility

Your high-speed door at your McDonough, GA facility should have visibility that allows people to see through the door. Your high-speed door should be equipped with clear vision panels to give you notice of oncoming traffic. This way, people both inside the building and outside are able to see when someone’s coming through and have advance warning if they need to get out of the way.

If you don’t have good visibility through your door, you can also equip your door with LED traffic lights. These lights can be placed on either side of the door and show whether the door is free of oncoming traffic (green) or not (red), similar to how a stoplight works. Taking the time to check for oncoming traffic on either side of the door is one of the most basic high-speed door safety tips, but it can prevent the risk of serious accidents.

Outfit the door with proper detection sensors

Your door should have a detection sensor beam or light curtain to ensure safe operation. These sensors automatically detect when a forklift or person approaches. They effortlessly retract the high-speed door and make your facility safer.

It’s also smart to invest in an area detection system for your high-speed door. They also provide an extra level of protection beyond the door by detecting a person or object outside of the plane of the doorway using infrared or motion-sensing technology. When they sense a person or object approaching from either side of the door, they prevent the door from closing. You should have a skilled technician inspect your door and all of its safety components regularly to keep them in good working order. It can make the difference in keeping everyone at your facility safe.

If your facility in McDonough, GA is outfitted with convenient high-speed doors, you and your staff need to follow basic guidelines for high-speed door safety. This reduces the risk of damage to both people and property. Contact Affordable Dock & Door today to learn more about safe operation of this valuable and convenient commercial property feature.

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