Do Your Torsion Springs Need Replacing?

Torsion springs may be the last thing on your mind. However, there are signs that your torsion spring may need to be replaced on your garage door. Torsion springs play an important role in helping your garage door open and close quietly. But, they must be checked out frequently to ensure that they are working as they should.

Signs Torsion Springs Need To Be Replaced

Here are some signs it’s time to replace torsion springs:

  • You notice rusting – The best way to prevent rusting of your garage door is to have it checked out frequently. But, if you fail to do this, springs can easily become worn out, and rust may form. When this occurs, the springs can stop working effectively, which can cause even more damage if not handled immediately.
  • Springs are fragile – Torsion springs go through a lot of wear and tear especially if you use your garage on a daily basis. But, over time, the springs can become frail, which can cause them to stop working. Newly installed torsion springs typically last up to nine years. The best way to see how strong your torsion springs are is by physically raising your garage door. Your torsion springs are in good working condition if the garage door remains up. But, if the door begins to lower, it is a strong indicator that your torsion springs need to be replaced. This brings us to our next point.
  • The garage door closes suddenly – If your garage door closes abruptly, this is a huge indicator of a torsion spring that is damaged.
  • Hear noises – If you start to hear noises when your garage door has closed, this can be a sign that the torsion spring is in the process of breaking or has already been damaged. When torsion springs have reached their full capacity, this type of noise will normally occur.
  • Garage door feels bulky – Garage doors will always feel the same and, while they are already bulky and heavy in nature, a door that feels even heavier can be a sign that your springs are damaged.

If your torsion springs are already completely damaged, you may notice the following:

  • Hanging cords
  • The garage door stops opening altogether
  • Garage door falls off track
  • The door has become hard to open and closes suddenly

Torsion Springs Lifespan

The lifespan of torsion springs may vary. It can depend on how heavy your garage door actually is. If you have an extremely hefty garage door, the springs may only last up to four years, while standard door springs can last up to nine. Again, pay attention to the indicators that your springs are starting to wear out. Any obvious spaces between the springs are a strong indicator that a replacement is needed.

Furthermore, if you have springs that are the wrong size for your garage door, they can become damaged more rapidly. If you need to have your torsion springs removed and replaced, it is highly advised that you contact a professional.