Fire Door Maintenance Tips from Your Fire Door Service in McDonough, GA

As any commercial or industrial property owner knows, maintaining a secure and properly working fire door is key to ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. Here at Affordable Dock & Door, we are proud to be the leading fire door service in McDonough, GA, meaning we are the local authority on fire door safety and maintenance.

To help ensure that everyone has access to a safe and well-maintained fire door, we have put together this basic guide to fire door maintenance—though we must stress that following these steps yourself is no substitute for consulting with a qualified professional every six months. That said, here are some basic fire door maintenance tips for your fire door service in McDonough, GA:

  • Labels: If nobody can find the proper fire door in the event of an emergency, there is no point in even having a fire door. Make sure your fire door is very clearly marked, and that the label is always clean and legible.
  • Leaves: You will want to make sure that the door leaf rests easily against the door stop, and that it is not overly worn or damaged. If the door leaf has a veneer or other protective coating on it, check to see if that coating is coming loose at all. Finally, check for any holes or dents in the door itself.
  • Frames: The doorframe needs to be very securely attached to the wall, with no give and no signs of wear. If there is a door stop on the frame, that also needs to be firmly attached. Also, a proper fire door should have a gap of at least three millimeters in between the frame and the leaf.
  • Hinges: A fire door always needs to have three properly fitted hinges on it, so make sure that none of these hinges have disappeared or become loose. Additionally, the screws ought to be the proper size, and you should check these hinges and screws for any oil leaks.
  • Seals: All fire door seals need to be firmly attached to the fire door, with no signs of wearing or displacement. Additionally, the seals need to be well secured within the grooves of the door frame itself.
  • Closers and openers: To test that the closer is working correctly, try opening the door about 75 millimeters, and then ensuring that it closes completely. Make sure the closer is also fully attached, and that the closer itself is not worn, damaged or showing evidence of oil leakage.
  • Locks: Finally, of course a fire door will need to have a properly working lock, to ensure the safety of your building and the people inside of it. Check the latch to make sure it does not falter and is not overly worn.

The above steps can help in between checks, but the only way to ensure your fire door is working correctly is to hire a fire door service in McDonough, GA for thorough maintenance every six months. For more information, please call Affordable Dock & Door today.

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