Five Common Problems That Require Garage Door Repairs in McDonough, GA

Is your garage door giving you problems? Maybe it’s not functioning like it’s supposed to. This may be a sign that you need garage door repairs in McDonough, GA to help adjust the door’s operation. If your garage door keeps acting up, get it looked at as soon as possible, before it becomes a safety hazard and causes you real danger. Watch for these common problems in your garage door and get service if any of them should arise:

  • Sticking doors: Sticking doors are a common problem and can be the result of several issues with your garage door. You may need more lubricant in the wheel tracks, or your door may even be hanging unevenly. Both of these can happen over time and with frequent use. Call for garage door repairs in McDonough, GA to have yours adjusted or lubricated as needed to alleviate the problem.
  • Doors that fall: When your garage door closes too rapidly, you need to be concerned, as someone could easily get hurt from this. This is an indication that cables or springs need to be replaced, and that you need garage door repairs in McDonough, GA immediately. Don’t wait to have this problem looked at, and don’t try to attempt to replace these components yourself, as you could easily get hurt without properly securing the garage door like a professional would.
  • Uneven opening: This can be annoying, and really requires the expertise of a garage door repair service to fix. While the cause may simply be that there is an obstruction in the wheel tracks, it can also mean that your springs are wearing unevenly and need to be replaced. Call for garage door repairs in McDonough, GA if you see your garage door opening unevenly before it gets worse and becomes a hazard.
  • Unusual noises: If your garage door starts making loud noises when it is opened or closed, this could be a sign that your wheel tracks are dirty and need a good cleaning. A garage door repair service will be able to clean these for you and lubricate their surface to make the noises go away. This will allow your garage door to open and close more smoothly and get rid of those awful squealing and screeching noises.
  • Door won’t open: This could actually mean your garage door opener is faulty, or your remotes need new batteries. Check the batteries first. If this doesn’t seem to be the cause, you may have a motor or sensor in your opener that needs replacing. A professional garage repair service can help you with repairs on both of these items.

If you need garage door repairs in McDonough, GA, don’t hesitate to call a professional service, as they will be able to take the necessary safety precautions when fixing your garage door. For service to your garage door, contact Affordable Dock & Door. We have 20 years of experience in servicing and installing garage doors for a variety of residential and commercial customers. Call today for an estimate!

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