Five Garage Safety Tips You Should Know

Parking your car in your garage is the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is safe from the elements. But garage doors aren’t the safest mechanisms in your home. In fact, they can be downright dangerous if you aren’t safe around them! People can be injured if the garage door suddenly falls, or if certain components snap unexpectedly. The following tips will help prevent accidents and ensure you’re always safe while in your garage:

  • Don’t make repairs by yourself: You may not know it, but garage doors are under an extreme amount of tension. You never know when something can snap and hurt you or others if you’re trying to make repairs. Since that’s the case, your door can be likened to a ticking time bomb if it’s damaged. Professional garage door technicians are trained in garage door safety when they’re making repairs. There’s nothing to worry about when we’re on the job.
  • Visual inspections are a good idea: Even though we don’t recommend that you make repairs yourself, we do advise that you visually inspect your garage door every once in a while. Check for rust, as well as any damage to pulleys, rollers, springs and cables. If any of those components look damaged, calling a residential garage door service in McDonough, GA is a must. Our pros can make any necessary repairs so you don’t have to worry about a broken, damaged or otherwise dangerous garage door.
  • Test your door each month: Going along with the previous point, be sure you’re testing your garage door once a month. Place an object next to the sensor and press the button to close your door. If the door doesn’t roll back up before it makes contact with the object, call a repair service at once. It goes without saying that a garage door with a broken safety sensor is a big safety hazard.
  • Keep remotes away from your kids: As a good parent, you know that your kids shouldn’t handle dangerous items. You likely keep them far away from power tools and cooking appliances, but do you keep your remote garage door opener out of their hands? Accidentally pressing the garage door button can be a danger for anyone near the door, especially if the sensor is broken for some reason. Be sure they don’t handle the remote and you can rest easy knowing that they won’t hurt themselves or others with the garage door.
  • Don’t leave your garage partly open: Garages can get pretty warm and uncomfortable in the summer months. It can be tempting to leave your garage door partly open or cracked if you’re working on a project in your garage. However, this is a bad idea. A partly open garage door can slam shut suddenly. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that someone might get injured. Even if you’re a little hot, keeping your door closed is the only way to ensure you don’t get hurt.

Follow this advice, and your garage door won’t be a health hazard. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should call a residential garage door service in McDonough, GA anytime you think your door is damaged or needs to be replaced. Get in touch with Affordable Dock & Door today to learn more.

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