Five Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Garage Door Installation in McDonough, GA

When you are going to have a new garage door installed, you ought to have a healthy level of trust and mutual respect with your contractor. This is especially important because there are several questions you will probably want to ask, and you should not be anxious to ask them or have to deal with partial or condescending answers. As a company that performs garage door installation in McDonough, GA on a regular basis, we always take the time to answer our clients’ questions. Here are five questions you should be asking your garage door contractor:

Are there any potential complications I should know about?

Installing a garage door is a fairly simple operation, but as with any project, the potential for unpleasant surprises does exist. Each doorframe and door is different, so only your contractor will know what risks or potential complications you might be facing. Make sure you have a solid understanding of what might occur, so that you can feel prepared and include proper wiggle room in your budget.

How long will this take?

Again, garage door installation in McDonough, GA is not terribly complicated, so it should not take your contractor too long. That being said, it might take longer if your door has special features, or if you are having a large industrial garage door installed. Knowing how long you can expect your contractor to be working will help you to plan your day or week accordingly, and will keep your contractor on track.

Do your employees have background checks?

Your garage door is already a potentially vulnerable entryway to your house or business, and it can be a bit unsettling to have strangers working on it. Fortunately, any quality garage door service will probably perform through a thorough background on all new employees before allowing them on a worksite. Ease your anxiety by asking your contractor if this is true for you.

What kind of maintenance will this door need?

When investing in a new feature for your home, it always helps to know what kind of maintenance it will need, so that you can maintain its value and avoid hefty repair costs. By asking your contractor about this before the installation begins, you can avoid potentially committing to a door that requires an uncommonly high amount of maintenance. In any event, you will know what you are signing up for.

How can we accommodate the installation process?

Will you need to find a new place for your family members or employees to park while the installation process is underway? Will you need to keep an eye on your kids and pets to ensure they do not interfere with the work? Are there any other considerations you might not have thought of? Asking before the installation begins is a good way to ensure you and your contractor maintain a positive relationship.

When you hire Affordable Dock & Door for garage door installation in McDonough, GA, we will be happy to answer all of the above questions, as well as any others you may have.

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