If You’ve Just Backed Into Your Garage Door, Here’s What to Do

If you’ve ever woken up a bit too late one morning, you know the panic of thinking you’ll be late for work or school. Instead of having a leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast, you have to rush through your morning routine. Once you finally get into your car, you throw it in reverse and… BAM! You back up right into your garage door. This is obviously a worst-case scenario for a bad morning, but the fact remains that backing up into your garage door is something that can happen to anyone. But what should you do next? Keep reading to find out!

Assess the damage

Just like in any type of accident, the first step after the collision is to get out of your car to assess the situation. Depending on the size of your vehicle and how fast you were backing up, hitting the door might not actually do all that much damage. Hopefully that’s the case, and you won’t have to call a residential garage door service in McDonough, GA for repairs.

For starters, take note to see if the rollers are still on their tracks. If they are, that’s great! You may be able to pull the door open by yourself if the rollers and tracks aren’t damaged. On the other hand, if the rollers have come off the tracks, you’ll have to call a professional to repair or possibly even replace your door. Also, check to see if the lifting cables are aligned and whether or not they’re broken. The severity of that damage can determine whether a garage door contractor will be able to repair your door, or if he has to replace the door altogether.

Regardless of the level of damage, it’s important to avoid touching anything. A broken door is a dangerous contraption, and something that only a professional should mess with.

Call the pros

Depending on the level of damage you notice after your assessment, you may have to pick up the phone and call a professional repair service to fix or replace your door. Since most garage door accidents happen early in the morning before work, or later in the evening once you return home for the day, we’re on call 24/7! We’re available around the clock to service your door to ensure life goes on as planned after an accident in your garage.

Repair or replace?

After a professional from a residential garage door service in McDonough, GA has given his assessment of your situation, he can recommend either fixing the broken door or going ahead with a complete replacement. If the damage was only done to one section of the door and the rollers are still on their tracks, repairing it is your best and least expensive option. However, if the whole door was affected by the accident, you’ll probably have to pay to completely replace it.

The next time you have trouble with your garage door, give Affordable Dock & Door a call. From total replacement to minor repairs, we have years of experience working with garage doors of all makes and models. There’s no job too big or too small for our professionals to tackle!

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