Install a Steel Beam and Avoid Garage Door Repair in McDonough, GA

As a homeowner, you know that there always seems to be something that needs to be fixed around the house. Hopefully, the problem isn’t too bad and you can correct the issue yourself without having to call a professional for expensive repairs. Thankfully, there are various measures you can take throughout your home to try to prevent anything from going awry, and your garage and garage door can be the recipients of these preventative measures. Read on to learn more about bowing and how a steel beam can help reduce the need for garage door repair in McDonough, GA to correct the effects of a bowed door.

What causes a garage door to bow?

Garage doors can bend outward, or bow, in the center for a number of reasons. Most often, the problem is caused by outside elements (like bad storms) and rapid temperature fluctuations. This is especially the case for wooden garage doors that have seen better days. It can also be caused by your automatic garage door opener. If the door is too heavy for the opener mechanism, bowing may occur in the middle of the door. In either scenario, a bowed door needs to be repaired by a professional as quickly as possible.

What’s the problem with bowing?

If you’ve noticed your door is starting to bow, there’s no doubt that you need garage door repair in McDonough, GA. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s unsightly: The garages on a lot of homes face the curb. Your garage door could be the first thing visitors see when they look at your home! You don’t want someone judging the quality of your home based on a shoddy door, do you? Of course not! Fix a bowed door as quickly as possible to avoid the embarrassment of having one of the less attractive homes on your block.
  • It’s annoying: A bowed door (or a door that has a variety of other problems) will be slow to open and close after you touch the button for your automatic opener. Call us to get your door fixed and stop waiting around for your door to open or close each time you need to go outside.
  • It can cause bigger problems: Once a door starts bowing, that’s likely not going to be the end of its troubles. The best-case scenario is that the bowing just gets more pronounced. The worst-case scenario is that the bowing causes the rails to bend and break. That’s going to be one expensive repair bill!

What can be done to prevent the problem?

Luckily, there are measures homeowners can take to avoid a bowing issue. Installing a steel beam in the middle of your door will work to mitigate the chance of your door bowing due to either inclement weather or a malfunctioning opener. Steel beams can be installed quickly and easily by our trained professionals and are much less expensive than needing more extensive garage door repair in McDonough, GA, or even total replacement.

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