Keep Your Workplace Safe with Loading Dock Repair Service in McDonough, GA

If you’re in the shipping, loading or warehouse business, chances are, you know that loading dock accidents are all too common. While some accidents are inevitable, the vast majority of loading dock accidents can be prevented through routine maintenance and loading dock repair service in McDonough, GA. Here’s a simple guide to loading dock safety and maintenance for anyone looking to increase their workplace safety:

  • Bumpers: Just as their name suggests, loading dock bumpers act as a buffer between a truck and a loading dock. Having your bumpers inspected to make sure they are strong enough and properly placed is an easy way to prevent loading dock accidents.
  • Dock lock: One of the most important pieces of safety equipment you’ll find on a loading dock, dock locks are strong hooks made of metal that connect a truck or trailer’s bumper to the loading dock, securing it into a safe space. “Trailer creep,” one of the most common causes of loading dock accidents, occurs when the dock lock fails to hold a trailer in place, causing the vehicle to slowly drift away from the loading dock. Having your dock locks routinely maintained and inspected will help prevent trailer creep.
  • Dock leveler: Dock levelers are hydraulic spring-operated platforms that connect the truck to the loading dock platform. Malfunctions in the dock leveler can cause imbalance and unevenness, which can cause a worker to take a nasty fall. Have your dock leveler’s control system checked and maintained every few months to avoid problems.
  • Dock seals: These large foam blocks protect trucks from the elements and keep them from slipping while parked. Dock seals are especially important during harsh weather, but it’s important to make sure they’re strong and secure at all times.
  • Dock light: A dock light is a portable light that provides lighting to workers while they are loading or unloading a truck. This is a rather simple tool compared to most other parts of a dock, but it’s important to make sure the light is bright enough, and that you have backup in case it goes out. Improper lighting is a major cause of workplace accidents, and can give your employees cause to take legal action if left unfixed for too long.
  • Indicator light: Perhaps even more important than the dock light, the indicator light alerts loading dock employees that a truck is pulling into or out of the dock. Indicator light malfunction can increase the likelihood that one of your employees will be hit by the truck.

One thing that all employers dread is being told that their work safety standards aren’t up to par—or finding out because they have to deal with an accident. To keep this from happening to you, review each and every aspect of your loading dock and make sure it is routinely inspected and well taken care of. You can’t prevent all workplace injuries, but you can prevent most of them. If you have any questions, contact Affordable Dock & Door for loading dock repair service in McDonough, GA.


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