Myths About Garage Doors

Everyone seems to be an expert on everything these days, from the neighbor to the grocery store clerk. Then there’s the internet and its plethora of “official” advice. With all the available information, it can be tough to differentiate the truth from the myths. It happens in the case of garage doors. These are some of the most common myths about garage doors and why they’re fallacies:

Garage Doors Are Always Noisy

People tend to ignore noisy garage doors because they assume they all make noise, but that concept is only a myth. A fully functional garage door should not squeak, pop, click, squeal, or anything of the like. In fact, if you hear any of those noises, you will need to contact a repair company as quickly as possible.

Garage Doors Don’t Need Maintenance

Some homeowners also believe that garage doors don’t need any maintenance or care. The truth is that garage doors are mechanical devices subject to the same wear, tear, and issues as any other mechanical device; thus, they need regular maintenance. At the very least, your garage door should be inspected for rust, scratches, cracks, dings, etc.

The door should always move freely up and down the tracks as well. Thus, it should be tested and inspected every day. The drive system and belts are other areas that should be checked to stop issues in their tracks. Furthermore, visually inspecting the springs could reveal dangerous problems before they can cause any harm.

A Garage Door Is a Garage Door

All garage doors are not the same. They vary in style, size, and security features. Manufacturers also make manual and electronic doors in various versions. Each garage door has its strengths, weaknesses, operational guidelines, and maintenance instructions. Thus, you will not be familiar with all garage doors just because you’ve had one. Some consumers have a one-size-fits-all mentality regarding garage doors, but no two garage doors are the same.

A Broken Garage Door Just Needs TLC or DIY “Tinkering”

The do-it-yourself revolution is so common that everyone thinks they can fix everything they own themselves. DIY garage repairs are not a good idea for safety reasons. Some of their problems can cause severe injuries if they aren’t fixed correctly. You don’t want to be someone who suffers injuries because you tried to save a few dollars on door repairs. It’s best to contact a garage door expert who knows which precautions to take when working.

Professional Garage Door Repairs Are Costly

Many people imagine that the cost of garage door repairs will be too expensive. However, multiple garage door repair professionals exist, offering a broad range of prices. You can easily locate a provider that has a pricing grid that matches your budget and get the work done properly by an expert.

Now you’re familiar with the most common garage door myths. Keep them in mind, and remember to contact a professional garage door repair and installation company if you have any questions or need your mechanism inspected.