Garage Door Parts You Need a Professional To Change

Even though you can safely do some home improvement projects, there are many garage door parts a professional needs to repair. Some tasks require professional training, such as when dealing with certain garage door parts. It doesn’t matter if all you need to replace is a couple of garage door parts, some of these can still present a challenge or pose a hazard to you.

Garage Door Parts That Require a Professional

There are many garage door parts you should not replace yourself. Here are just a few.


Garage door rollers should be properly maintained and fixed when necessary. These wheels run along the metal tracks on each side of your garage door. You can see them every time your garage door opens and closes. These are one of the most commonly replaced parts of a garage door. However, replacing them on your own can be very dangerous. This is mainly due to the support of the bottom rollers, which can easily be mistaken for the wrong bolts, which could cause the garage door to collapse.


Door panel hinges can easily become worn out or even break. Replacing them can be a challenge, even though they are not as dangerous as replacing rollers. Not installing hinges properly can cause garage door damage, including warping of the tracks if the hinges are not tight enough. This is one of the reasons you should seek a professional garage door part replacement.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most common type of spring found in residential garage doors. You can find them attached to a metal shaft containing cable drums at each end. The cables are attached to the bottom bracket. As the door opens and closes, the spring winds and unwinds, so the door is able to maneuver at the necessary speed and remain open.

However, replacing a garage door spring is one of the most dangerous jobs to do, especially if you are inexperienced. This is due to the tension that is located in the springs. If you do not use the appropriate tools, it could result in a fatal injury.

Cables and Cable Drums

The cables are what connect the bottom bracket to the shaft, allowing the door to move up and down smoothly. Since they are under a lot of tension, they can fray over time, which may result in them breaking. This can cause property damage or even injury.

Garage Door Opener

An issue with your garage door opener can be frustrating. However, you should think twice before you try and fix it on your own. The biggest problem with this type of issue is that it is not always easy to diagnose. This means you could spend too much time trying to determine what is wrong with it only to do the wrong fix. You may even make things worse by accident. Garage door openers are complex systems, and it isn’t always easy to troubleshoot the problem if you are unfamiliar with the device.