Need to Repair Garage Door Parts in McDonough, GA? Here’s Why You Should Not Replace Garage Door Springs Yourself

If you need to repair or replace garage door parts in McDonough, GA, you might want to consider hiring an expert to get the job done instead of attempting to do it yourself. It’s especially important to call a professional to install garage door springs. Statistics show that every year over 2000 people in the United States are injured when garage door springs or cables break. The average residential garage door weighs between 200 and 500 pounds, so it’s no wonder people get hurt in this type of situation.

With regular care and maintenance, and provided there are no accidents, your door should last the lifetime of the home; however, it’s not uncommon for door springs to succumb to wear and tear, needing to be replaced every four to eight years. You may be the do-it-yourself type, but when it comes to replacing springs, hiring a professional technician is the best option. Below are a few reasons why you should not replace garage door springs yourself.

It’s a dangerous task

At the top of the list for why to avoid the DIY repair approach is safety. Replacing your own garage door springs is the type of repair that can be extremely dangerous for someone who is not properly trained to do the job. Garage door springs are under constant tension even when broken. If the broken springs are not removed the right way using the proper tools, they can release the tension they’ve got stored up, putting you in a dangerous situation. Injuries may include broken fingers and cuts, not to mention the costly property damage.

It can be a hassle

You can head to your local home improvement store for basic plumbing tools, screws, nails and other supplies to make home repairs. Unfortunately, finding the right replacement parts for your particular garage door may not be as easy as you might think, which means that trying to replace your own garage door springs is going to be a big hassle. Measurements are also needed to ensure you’re getting the right size springs, and if you have to order them online, you risk selecting the wrong ones. This causes more delays and hassles.

It’s not an easy repair to make

As simple as the setup of your garage door springs may look, spring replacement is actually a rather difficult task to do correctly. Professional garage door repair technicians are trained to not only know what replacement springs you need, but how to carefully calibrate them to ensure that the door moves smoothly and evenly. An inaccurate calibration can lead to jerky movement that can damage the door or the opener tracks. It is important to keep this in mind if you have an expensive, high-end door, because damage caused by improperly installed springs could cost you big.

If you are in need of a new garage door installation or replacement garage door parts in McDonough, GA, know you can turn to Affordable Dock & Door for help. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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