Reasons Why You Need a Dock Leveler

Wondering, “Why do I need a dock leveler?” Dock levelers form a bridge between a cargo truck and your loading dock. Without a dock loader, there’s often a gap between the dock and the truck that makes transferring goods difficult. Using a dock leveler for cargo transport is much safer and more efficient. It also helps better protect cargo, meaning happier clients.

Read on if you’re still wondering, “Should I use a dock leveler?”

They’re safer

The most common answer experts give to the question, “Should I use a dock leveler?” is that yes, you should, because they make it safer to transfer goods. That gap between a truck and a loading dock—no matter how small—can be extremely dangerous. Dock levelers fix this problem by providing a secure bridge between a truck and a loading dock. With this bridge, dock workers can transfer goods from point A to point B without having to worry about getting caught in the gap.

They’re low maintenance

Some people avoid buying dock levelers because they’re worried about having another piece of equipment to maintain, but dock levelers don’t require much maintenance at all. Avoid leaving heavy cargo on your dock leveler, and it should go a long time without experiencing any issues.

If your dock leveler does need repairs or maintenance, be sure to contact a technician right away. Having a technician take care of small maintenance or repair issues can help prevent larger future problems.

They help save money

One big reason why you should use a dock leveler is they help save money. Dock levelers help protect cargo by preventing accidents in transport. Damaged cargo costs many companies a lot of money each year. The cost of purchasing and installing a dock leveler is minimal compared to the money you’ll save by avoiding damaged cargo.

An employee injury can result in high workers’ compensation fees. Since dock levelers promote better worker safety, you also won’t have to worry as much about paying for workers’ compensation.

Choosing the right kind of dock leveler

It’s important to educate yourself on each type of dock leveler before making a purchase. The different types of dock levelers include edge of dock levelers, top of dock levelers, pit-style levelers, flex-lip levelers, vertical-storing levelers and telescoping-lip levelers. Each type of leveler comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Working with an experienced and helpful provider will ensure you get the right dock leveler for your needs. Just be sure to consider the functionality and cost of each type.

Invest in a dock leveler

Now that you know why you should use a dock leveler, contact a reputable provider. At Affordable Dock & Door, we’re pleased to offer top-quality dock levelers from major industry brands at fair and competitive prices. We also offer a variety of dock leveler services, including installation and maintenance. Get in touch with us today for more information on our products or to schedule an installation. We look forward to assisting you soon!