Safety Tips for Any Facility Using a Dock Leveler in McDonough, GA

If you are new to the business of shipping and receiving goods, then you need to know what dock levelers are and why they are important. A dock leveler is a device comprised of a metal plate that rises from a stored-away position before being lowered onto the rear of a truck. It’s used to bridge the gap between the opening of a warehouse and a truck bed. Keep in mind that because truck trailers vary in height, there’s also a height difference to factor in along with the truck/dock opening gap. It’s a height-adjustable platform that offers smooth and safe passage for vehicles between the truck and dock.

As a facility owner, you want to prevent injuries and forklift or product damages. Here are some safety tips for any facility using a dock leveler in McDonough, GA.

Perform regular maintenance

A loading dock leveler that is not well maintained could cause accidents. People’s safety is put on the line and you’re liable to be left with costly damages to loading equipment and cargo. For this reason you must keep the dock leveler’s pit, structure and mechanical parts in good shape, whether that means regular cleanings and inspection or getting repairs done immediately. Also, if the area around the dock is missing chunks of concrete, then the surface is not smooth enough to ensure proper balance when transporting loads.

Use a spotter

Even the most experienced forklift operator can find it difficult to see where the truck bed and the dock leveler meet or where the end of the dock is located. Using a spotter when operating forklifts can help direct the operator while carrying loads from the warehouse, over the dock leveler and to the truck bed. A spotter minimizes the risk of a forklift driving off the loading dock leveler. In addition to maintaining forklift driving safety, a spotter can also communicate to the forklift operator just how high they need to lift the load to clear obstacles and avoid slamming into overhead obstructions.

Utilize bumpers, mirrors and chocks

If you want extra safety, consider using bumpers at the end of dock levelers and installing mirrors in places to help forklift operators back up. Bumpers and mirrors are two types of loading dock equipment that can greatly assist operators of all levels in moving about safely. Then there are chocks, which can be provided to truck drivers upon parking. Combining chocks with trailer locks is an effective way to keep the truck and trailer from moving while parked.

Keep everyone at a distance when moving loads

Before loading and unloading cargo from truck beds or trailers, be sure that everyone is at a far enough distance. This cancels out distractions that could lead to dangerous situations. The only people who should be in loading and unloading areas when cargo is being moved are the truck driver, forklift operator and the spotter.

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