Security Features to Add With Your Next Residential Garage Door Service in McDonough, GA

An attached garage is a great feature for any home, but it also leaves it more vulnerable. In many ways, your home is only as secure as your garage door. If you would like to increase your home security, consider adding these security features the next time you call for residential garage door service in McDonough, GA:

  • Improved locks: Burglars often do not need to break into a home—they walk right in through an unlocked garage door. Fortunately, this issue has an easy solution: install high quality locks on your garage door. There are even deadbolts made for this purpose.
  • “Rolling code” remotes: Another cause of break-ins is “code grabbers” that can pick up the code transmitted from your remote to your garage door opener. Then, when you are away, the thief uses it to enter the garage and your home, making you a crime victim. If you have not updated your remote or garage door opener for a while, make your next purchase an opener combination with a rolling code remote. This technology changes the code with each use, making it impossible for thieves to hack it.
  • Key chain remote: Are you in the habit of keeping the garage door remote in your vehicle? That leaves you vulnerable, as thieves can easily steal it when your car is in the driveway. Then they can enter the garage while you are away and still thinking you left the remote at the office. A key chain remote is with you at all times, which makes it more difficult to steal.
  • Frosted garage windows: If thieves can see into your garage, they can also see if you are home or if you have stuff worth stealing. By frosting the windows, you give them one fewer tool to use when determining whether your home is an easy hit.
  • Timer: People frequently leave their garage doors open. Sometimes, they do this when they are home and just do not think about closing it. Other times, after they back out of the garage and start driving to work, they do not confirm the door actually closed. For these absent-minded times, invest in a garage door opener that automatically closes the door after a preset amount of time. Not only does this ensure security, but it also makes it more difficult for a thief to case your house.
  • Other considerations: While this is not part of garage door service, this is a good time to consider the door between your garage and the rest of the house. Replace it with a reinforced door so the garage is as far as thieves can go. Also consider installing a peephole so you can see what is going on when you hear noises and do not have to open the door. This way, even if criminals enter your garage, the rest of your house stays off limits.

Affordable Dock & Door offers residential garage door service in McDonough, GA and can repair doors, install new doors or add more security features. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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