Springtime Garage Door Services in McDonough, GA

Every year when spring rolls around, it seems like a never ending list of chores accompanies it. People everywhere are busy cleaning out their homes, freshening up their properties and taking care of long overdue items from last fall and winter, in anticipation of summer. And while things like “clean the basement” or “get the garden ready” might be near the top of your list, it’s important to make sure garage door services in McDonough, GA are on there as well.

Between the inclement weather that spring brings with it and the battering your door took during the winter months, it’s a good bet that garage door services are going to be a great addition to your list of to-do items this spring. Take a look at some of the things you should be doing in the way of repairs, maintenance and inspection items:

Inspections and tests

A thorough inspection is the first thing your door should get come spring. This means watching and listening as you test the door’s up and down function, as well as any electrical components. Take note of any irregularities that you might see or hear and make sure you report them to a contractor when the time comes for any repairs.

Another test that’s essential is a test of your door’s emergency functions—both the door reversal function and the control locking mechanism. For the door reversal test, place a small plank of wood on the ground and close your garage door: as soon as it hits the wood, the door should stop and reverse back into the open position. For the control locking mechanism test, click the “lock” button on your keypad panel, then push any other button: the door shouldn’t respond, due to the locked controls.

Minor repairs and door maintenance

After thoroughly inspecting your door, it’s time to dive into a basic array of garage door services in McDonough, GA. Here’s a quick list of minor repairs, basic maintenance and other items to consider:

  • Lubricate your door’s moving parts appropriately.
  • Tighten any nuts and bolts that might be loose due to daily door use.
  • Inspect and replace the weather stripping at the bottom of the door if it’s damaged.
  • Test the manual door mechanism to make sure it’s working.
  • Check the counterweight of the door for balance and even function.

If you’re comfortable doing these basic things yourself, they should each only take a few minutes to accomplish. If you’re not quite sure of yourself, these are all items that can quickly and affordably be accomplished by a professional.

Scheduling an consultation

Spring is the ideal time to make sure your garage door is in the best shape possible for the months ahead. Take some time to inspect, test and perform basic maintenance—then, schedule an appointment with a garage door contractor for any repairs or more advanced garage door services in McDonough, GA that might be out of your depth. This springtime chore should take very little time to accomplish and will leave you with a door that’s in full working order for the next couple of seasons to come!

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